23/01/10//MOS//10 Years of Soul Heaven/Louie Vega

Saturday 23rd January

Soul Heaven presents
10 years of Soul Heaven


Louie Vega
Phil Asher
Jocelyn Brown (Live PA)

Barbara Tucker (Live PA)


Neil Pierce
Aaron Ross
Sy Sez
Sean McCabe
Plus Live Pa From Adeola Ranson


Chris Belsey & Karl Gonzales
- Back to BackBaby Box: Classics
Jamesy Morgan
Marky D
Clemy Rilley
Rudeboy Rupert

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This Saturday sees Soul Heaven celebrate its 10th anniversary. Having circulated the scene for the last decade, leading man Louie Vega returns to inject deep house joint by exclusive live PA’s from Jocelyn Brown, India and Barbara Tucker. The Bar, gets a heavy lifting from Neil Pierce, Aaron Ross, Sy Sez, Sean McCabe and a live PA from Adeola Ranson.

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£20 Advance // £6 from 4am // Students £6 before 12, £10 After
Tickets available from:
www.ticketweb.co.uk // 08444 771 000

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Ministry of Sound
103 Gaunt Street
0870 060 0010
Nearest Tube: Elephant and Castle

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Jocelyn Brown interview



Thank you, the legend that is Jocelyn Brown for sitting down with us ahead of Saturday 23rd Soul Heaven event.
What does soul heaven mean to you?
Soul Heaven was the first organised soul house music session that allowed the club world to hear the true soulful house music that was being presented by really good DJ’s and Artist. So thanks to Soul Heaven artist like myself have been supported with our music by the faithful Soul Heaven events

Can you tell us a little bit about its history?
I was first introduced to Soul Heaven in New York, so I think the history goes back aways!

This event sees it’s 10th Anniversary, what do you think it is about the brand that makes it so strong?
Yes and also the people who are involved who have been with SH Events since day one.

Have you worked with Louie Vega before?

Ok, so tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Jocelyn Brown, I have been blessed to be apart of the dance world for more than a decade and have worked with some of the most popular DJ’s in the Dance music world.

Right, so what can all of our Saturday Sessions clubbers expect to hear from you this coming Saturday?
I hope that we have a wonderful and uplifting time with the music that I have been blessed to perfom.

You have seen the music scene change over the years, how does it compare now to when you first started out?
Yes, it has changed and there is not as much feeling as it was and the grooves are not as soul touching as they used to be.

It cannot go without a mention : ) ‘Somebody Else’s Guy’ is still to this day both iconic and hugely popular with todays generation, did you expect it to be as big as it is?
No, we are still shocked when we see the reaction of people!! but my sister Annette and I are so grateful.

What was your influence when writing this song?
RELATIONSHIPS!! That what made the song come alive.

Have you got anything big coming up in 2010?
Continued good music and more music.

What has been your most memorable moment of your career?

To see People in San Francisco respond to “Believe” it was wonderful!!

Taking us back to the beginning, how did your career start?
I was first with my aunt Barbara Roy and my cousin Brenda Anderson doing session work and then a band called “Sneaky Cookin”, then worked with a girl group called Something Different,work with different artist as a background singer, finally worked with Change, then Inner Life in which from there things began to take off.

Was performing something whilst growing up you always wanted to do?

Not really but being with a family in church you really don’t have to much of a choice!

Whats the most diva thing that you have ever done?
Ask for a stool on stage!!

Is there any up and coming talent that you see coming through in 2010?

There are so many its hard to say

Do you think that Soulful house has lost its message or do you think it still stands for everything it always has done?
I believe that it has lost some of its spirit and needs to be uplifted more!!

You are originally from the states, is there much of a difference between clubbing there to anywhere else in the world?

New York used to be the spot but I can’t say, there are so many new spots coming up and only time will tell.

What were your New Year resolutions?

To be happy and move into a new realm of mental and spiritual awareness with my music and loved ones.

What was the first track that you ever bought?
Oh my goodness I think it was the SUPREMES “WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO”.

Who were your influences?
Many, especially family, my Mom and my aunts and uncles who were all singers and musicians.

What’s the biggest crowd that you have ever played for?
Wembley Stadium.

Who has been your favourite person to collaborate with?
Russell Watson, Carleen Anderson, Blame, So many others.

You must have some amazing stories from over the years is there anything that stands out that you can tell us?
There is one that makes me always remember you can do anything you just have to apply yourself, I worked with Bette Midler on Divine Madness and she was one of the producers, she was outstanding in handling her career and this has put a imprint in my being that nothing is impossible

Thank you for taking the time to sit down with us
Saturday Sessions
I know a certain female Spotlighter who would've been all over this a couple of years ago.. :lol:
I wouldn't have blamed her :lol:
That Box line-up looks like fun. I'd be there... if I were in the same city :lol: