21 days to go !!!



21 days to i'm out there for the first time.......Is it busy this time of year ????
Umm ... Saffy counts on her fingers ... NINE .. yes NINE, for me !

Oh god I so can't wait!

It is sooo soooo hard trying not to show how excited I am in front of my children! (They're NOT going - Nannie is coming over to stay with them here for the week)
Seems like were both Ibiza Virgins. My best mate is getting married and i'm best man so i was mad enough to Organise his stag to Ibiza.
26th June for for a long weekend come back on the Monday. What about you?? who you going with ???
So you arrive when i'm back in London, i'm sure i will be thinking about cutting my jumping in front of the trian on the 2nd........... Have you been given any useful advice that you could pass on ????