2020 Island Prices


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Hey folks, just wondered how you were all finding prices of thing this year in terms of restaurants, bars, car hire, that sort of shiz. Flights and hotels are covered elsewhere, so don’t want to go over old ground.

Are people slashing prices to get customers through the door, or increasing them to try and recover a lost few months of trade?


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restaurants & bars - no real changes to last year as far as I can tell.


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Hotels, etc - same as previous years (at least where we've enquired).

Villa - same as previous years (and we checked a few this week for extension).

Formentera hotels - same as previous years.


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Today we just booked a few hotels. Price same as last year . We had a few direct emails from large group hotel chains offering small discount s. you tend to see in the early season .
. I am a little bit disappointed that the room rates have not gone down .I believe the large chains have 'moth balled' whole hotels ,if they have 2 in one area , or closed complete floors , to reduce staffing costs .