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Discussion in 'Ibiza Spotlight club ticket shop' started by stivi, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. stivi

    stivi Super Moderator Staff Member

    yeah I am sure it will.
  2. FallenangelGparsons

    FallenangelGparsons Well-Known Member

    i ve seen ticket Capriati destino in july 40€, is this the cheap early bird? or it change to early bird 2 nd release.

    so Spotlight u have until july 19th to have the Benimussa park ticket b4 i buy the combo on CO website, is this on discussion with CO promoters?
  3. stivi

    stivi Super Moderator Staff Member

    we just went on sale with the clockwork ticket for benimussa park but we only have both single tickets (benimussa and es paradis), not the combo I am afraid.
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  4. FallenangelGparsons

    FallenangelGparsons Well-Known Member

    thanks , on the way to buy the Clockstock benimussa 45€ and es paradise 30€
    Same deal as their website but if i can make spotlight a few € ..

    Online tix is useful but u have to stick to ur schedule, don't do as spotlight that bought his privilege opening 18 early bird 30€ but finally can' t do the party after ims :D, a pity as he could give/sell his ticket to other spotlight mate that changed his spare ims tix against a pass for privilege to a rp in san an, i told him u get feucked as ims u could sell it easily 55€ & even 70€...
    guys always ask the pirate b4 doing Tickets deals!!!
  5. McRackin

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