It´s always late....But I don´t mind the lineup, the important thing for me is the sun, the people, the chillout bars and the beaches....if there are any supercool DJ´s there (there WILL BE) when I´m going, then that´s just another great thing. But I don´t book my trip because of the DJ´s even though it´s nice to know who will be playing
Everyone has their own reasons for going to Ibiza. You can go anywhere for good weather, nice beaches and bars. I like to go to Ibiza for the clubs. Thats just my own personal choice.

Thanks for letting me know when to expect the line up for next year.
and its perfectly alright. no one has the "right reasons", ehat are the right reasons? Sorry, but Ibiza IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST places to go when it comes to clubbing, it schould be no surprise to anyone. I love the place for all it´s attractions and for all it´s hidden sides as well!
I was just asking when to expect to know what the line up is for next year. Thats all. And I got my answer. I wasn't asking anything else.