2004 Prices



I've just got a 2004 brochure from one of the well known holiday package companies. Shock Horror! can I afford to plan next years visit. :cry:

Ibiza is a charming holiday destination, there is something for all and the local people / visiting spanish staff are alway helpful and welcoming.

I bet the local hotel / apartment owners don't get a fair cut of the wedge from tour operators so local owners get up in arms. Get your accomodation on the Ibiza spotlight website. You can fly to Ibiza for as little as £100 from Southhampton (FlyBE.com) so how about more un-package holidays?

Booking your own hotel and flight seperately has always been immensely cheaper than a package deal, but people would rather pay for convenience. Package holiday companies will always take the biggest cut, its a fact of life, and no, hotel owners will not get a bigger cut, they just get the same one whether you book it yourself or pay extra for a package holiday company to book it.

Maybe if a few more people started booking their own and boycotting these holiday giants, they would eventually bring their prices down a bit... it worked with the petrol didnt it?
I'm a travel agent and normally book the flight and accomodation seperately. Sometimes the package can be cheaper but it depends on when you book the holiday to be honest. This year it actually worked out cheaper to book the package in January for the hotel I wanted and I didn't even get my staff discount as I was moving jobs at the time. My friends have all booked flights through Easyjet though then I just booked the apartments for them.
i tried to book seperately but flying from dublin so found it difficult. got some outrageous qoutes for 14 hour flights with stopovers and shit. handy if you're in the uk alright. fairly cheap flights.

managed to book package deal for jet apartments from july 4 -18 with flights for 757euros. expensive enough but wouldn't stay anywhere other then jet. love the place!!
For the last 2 years (and ill have to do it this year) Ive had to get a flight and then find accomodation when I arrive. Its a bit unsettling when u got nowhere to crash but once its sorted the amount of cash u save will definately improve the quality of ya holiday! ;)