2003 predictions



what do we predict for summer 2003 on the club front?

first i would put money on Danny Tenaglia hosting his own night, after his continued success at space and other various gigs last summer (privilege + pacha) but which venue is a mystery----space looks favorite though.

with underwater + subliminal splitting on their wednesday night slot (bad news) where/when/will underwater be hosted?

rumours mos are leaving friday at pacha, coincidence that renaissance used to play pacha and rumours of 'live gigs' reemerging?

any thoughts?
underwater are at pacha on tuesday

and mos maybe moving to tursday, so pacha can throw there own b-day parties throughout the summer, with pete tong.

I reckon pacha is gonna kick ass this year.....
I predict that on one Tuesday afternoon this summer, hook will have to be peeled off the floor somewhere in the Bora Bora area!!!!!
Long shot, or odds on. What do ya think????
As I look into my crystal ball I see three things:
1. There will be beautiful people all over the island in summer 2003.
2. Bora Bora will be packed to the gills every afternoon (July & August).
3. Space will be the place to be on Sunday.
One to watch is 'Balearic People' which was at Privilege in 2002 with DJs Pippi & David Moreno on Saturdays.

Reckon it might move to another club, Pacha if anywhere but not on Saturdays.
Let's not forget how late Release Yourself was announced at Pacha last year, also Defmix on Saturday only does very well because Spanish crowd always turn out guaranteed, whoever is playing on Saturday.

Therefore if Balearic People was to move to Pacha on Saturday it would increase 'appeal' to Spanish crowd. But all speculation of course, BP could well stay and establish themselves at Privilege, who are in great need of a musically orientated night.
there is nothing worse than a big empty room!!! where the sound echo's. This is what happens in privilege when it is not full!!

it depends on your taste in music really. prob

space on sundays
subliminal on wednesday
maybe cream on thurs or ministry of sound
roger sanchez on monday
godskitchen on tuesday
Don't forget to try al least once the Pin-Up... A new after-club to be watch over...

:lol: :)

Ibiza Rules!!!
Don't forget Cocoon @ Amnesia on mondays... :)

I saw that Pascal FEOS has to play on monday 30/06 in Amnesia (for Cocoon)

So I think they have kept their monday residency @ Amnesia! YIHAA!
DC10 - already a legend.
PinUp (old Konga) - getting better every year, and with terrace (DJ Gee + Colin Peters behind it) bigger than Space's :)
KM5, Jockey Club, AK Morgana (if problems with licensing resolved)
Balearic People - Already mentioned but worth hitting on again. Pippi + David Moreno behind it, destined for big things.
Savannah's funky room - first year last year and success, if it develops strong identity, this year will get alot better.