2003 Club Listings?



Hey all, just wondering if the current club listings on Ibiza Spotlight are for Summer 2003? Im just trying to plan out my week there. THanks! :eek:
The party theme nights tend to be the same but the D.J line up changes from year to year. The summer 2003 D.J line up is posted around April/May.
think we might have jumped the gun a tad bit there. Subliminal are no longer sharing their night with underwater, yet their listed as playing on wed in pacha. Fridays are no longer mos @pacha, their having their b-day parties throughout the season instead. So me thinks that the listings are wrong, the nights should be pretty much the same with a few small changes, but the dj's will probably be different 8)
i think thats just supposed 2 giv us an idea of what nights are available. That is defo not the listings 4 this year, but i wish that subliminal and underwater wouldn't split :cry: :cry:
but then again we now have 2 nights instead of 1 yay!! :lol: :lol:
this is from the club news section...

2003 Calendar

The 2003 calendar is NOT yet online. We have left the 2002 calendar up deliberately until we have enough dates to warrant publishing the new one for this year. That way at least you can get an idea of 2003 dates - simply subtract a day ;-)
IBIZA is the best there is!

This is going to be my first time in Ibiza and i so cant wait. :p :p :p Is there someone also going on the 16th Aug this year? Also is Judge Jules any good in ibiza? 8)
is judge jules good anywhere??, honestly as you prob know he has his own night at eden in san antonio and sometimes the other djs are better. But if you want some trance on a sunday then go....
Robo your losing your killer instinct, ALWAYS the other DJ's are better than Jules not sometimes lol!! :D :twisted: I didn't go last year but if I do go then I'll probably chill in the Funky Room while Jules is on lol!!
i didn't want to say ALWAYS, cos i can't be bothered to start an argument bout whether he is any good or not etc....
The funky room in Eden on Judgement Sundays was pretty decent last summer, better than the music (always happy atmosphere there though) in the main room by a long shot.
hehe good point Robo. Anyway...Judgement Sunday is boooring. Went to the closing-party last year, and I thought it sucket. Maybe because I was hung over from a WILD AND crazy night at Pacha! Wheeehaaah! :p
I was doing some photgraphy for a magazine, and Judge Jules was playing at this club last summer. I spoke with his PR girl about taking some photos from inside the dj booth and she said Jules was a bit funny about it as it put Jules off when he was on the decks. Anyway, got to the club that night and had been taking some shots inside the club waiting for Jules to turn up. When he did I managed to get myself into the booth and got a few shots of the guy, and he didn't even acknowledge me. High profile djs who have a problem with people taking photos of them have some serious issues which need addressing. I play myself but if someone was taking photos then so what, it's not that annoying is it?
Cheers for the tip :) so what DJ's do you reko would blow me away :?: