20 years!


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Grego, Liam.....:cry::cry:

my thoughts are with you today lads and the 96 and their families and friends!!

love jj x
Cheers mate. Its appreciated.


Let me tell you a story,
Full of terror and fear,
One of heartache and sadness,
It always brings me to tears.

It started so brightly,
On a warm sunny day,
Laughing and joking,
With mates on the way.

We were going off to Sheffield,
Full of hope and our songs,
But on the 15th of April,
The tune was different and wrong.

The sun then was shining,
And the atmosphere good,
We were betting that Jockey,
Would be playing, he’s good.

As we queued up we noticed,
There were loads still outside,
The police looked quite nervous,
They couldn’t decide.

Should they put back the kick off,
Or just force us all in,
Should they bowl on regardless?
Or would we all make a din.

Let me open the gate,
The officer cried,
There’s too many out here,
Too many outside.

OK, came the order,
Open the gates,
Letting thousands of Scousers,
All in with their mates.

But there was the fault,
In this fatal police plan,
There was just no direction,
Not even a man.

Not one copper standing,
Directing us safe,
Away from pens 3 and 4,
Where the just weren’t no space.

So onwards the crowd moved,
Down the tunnel of death,
And 96 Angels can tell you the rest.

A mistake made so tragic,
Despite a duty of care,
Duckenfield’s a novice,
But what did he care?

He would not take the rap,
For this fatal mistake,
Cos’ in his little world,
We broke down the gate.

Yes that’s right, it’s them,
Who should shoulder the blame,
To think it was me,
Is just crazy – insane.

They all turned up late,
With no tickets and pissed,
And forced themselves in,
So no game would they miss.

I did what I could,
But their weight was immense,
In fact sir you know what,
They climbed over that fence.

They’re are all thieving Scousers,
Who robbed from the dead,
Who pissed on brave coppers,
Yes, over their heads!

Now hang on there David,
Just what are you saying,
Your lies are in print now,
While their families are praying.

While they’re lighting a candle,
And saying a prayer,
The S*n’s printing that crap,
But what do you care?

You shifted the blame,
You saved your own arse,
And cos’ you’re a copper,
The trials were a farce.

You think that you’re safe now,
Wherever you are,
But you’re never save Duckers’
Not even safe now.

Co’s you must have underestimated,
The pain that you caused,
And 96 best friends,
Is too many to lose.

96 sons, and daughters, and mates,
No one to meet at the old school gates,
Nobody to love and to wish all the best,
No one to say I love yer’
You’re the best.

So think on now Duckers,
When your warm in your bed,
And may 96 Redmen,
Come into your head,

And their souls are not resting,
How can they can’t rest in peace,
For while your lying there comfy,
We’re still seeking our justice.
Thought from me too lads.

Incidentally for any UK South Western Spotlighters

Bristol - Mon. 20th April 7:30pm
Hillsborough: What Really Happened?

Sheila Colman - Hillsborough Justice Campaign
David Goldblatt - Author of the best book about football ever written (not my opinion, but on the blurb)
Daniel Bennett - eye witness and barrister

The Cube. 4 Princess Row
Bristol, BS2 8NQ, United Kingdom
+44 117 907 4190
A letter to Adam Spearitt, who died aged 14 at Hillsborough, written by his mum


Darling Adam,

20 years since the day you left home with your dad. I remember you, full of excitement and anticipation, your first away match saying, 'Dad they're warning people to watch out for pickpockets'. If only that had been the worst thing to have happened.

Did you enjoy the lovely drive over the Pennines in the bright spring sunshine with your dad and his friends laughing and joking all the way?

Were you worried when you saw the crowds at the turnstiles? But then feel OK when your dad said, 'We'll just wait here to the side till it eases off, it won't matter if we miss the start.'

Then were you both surprised when the large exit gate opened and you were all allowed to go through and not even asked for your tickets?
Then delighted to find yourselves right at the front near the goal.

But then the disaster caused by 'The failure of the police to control the crowd'.

Should we have 'moved on' (in other words put it all behind us)? How could we when those to blame didn't have the courage to stand up and own up, but heaped blame on yourselves and the fans who tried so hard to save lives, ferrying the injured the length of the pitch to be given help although only a handful of you were taken to hospital, the same fans who were tarnished with obscene headlines by a certain newspaper.

Some of the police did their best on the day and have our thanks like the special constable who found a faint pulse in you, went with you to hospital and stayed a while with you after you died. As for the others, let's hope we are a constant thorn in their sides.

Love and miss you Adam

Your Mum xxx

:cry: :cry:

Some of the anniversary testimonies I've been reading recently are heart-breaking

I think there's never been proper closure - nobody was ever held to account - neither cops nor tabloids ever properly apologised. A city was left to grieve without a proper explanation of how it happened

Way too many people from outside jumped to quick conclusions (in part because of Heysel) which did the fans a terrible disservice and injustice.. and I can see why The Sun is still boycotted to this day.

RIP + props to the campaigners and everyone still fighting for justice.