2 Weeks to go

27th may for me.

anne & tam-you hiring a car.thats best way to see ibiza.if not means getting two to three buses.to get to where you need to visit.
No not hiring a car, would love to see as much as we can of the Island but have never asked Tam to drive on holiday. He is getting a bit long in the tooth and I think he should be able to have a wee drink if he feels like it and he is bad enough driving here:spank:. Buses and Taxi's me thinks.
Cala Nova Es Cana on 13th - you can't get longer in the tooth than me and I would not be without a car to visit beaches and restaurants for days out and lunches. It is taxis once the sun goes down to get to bars and restaurants - only about 8 euros to Santa Eularia
thats what i mean about getting two to three buses.with the resort only begin small.bus service is not that big.one bus only goes to Santa Eularia # 18/its not as though you can get a bus anywhere on the island from es cana.you would have to go to Santa Eularia.then get another bus to get to ibizatown.or san an.getting to playa den bossa would mean 3 buses.long day really.quicker in car.you could get the ferry boats to other resort if you wish.thats nice.come back on bus..its cheap enough.sending you a bus giude via pm ok