2 weeks in Ibiza


The Scumfrog

Spent the first night @ We Love @ Space. Tom Novy was playing when we arrived, his selection of records was pretty varied with a fairly funky style. Steve Lawler took over for the final 2 hours and played a brilliant set, albeit much less dark than when I've heard him in the UK. The two hightlights for me were him playing David Guetta's 'With a little more love' and The Bassheads 'Is there anybody out there?'. The inside was really good prog type house though I couldn't tell you who was DJing.

On the Monday we went to Manumission, primarliy because I wanted my mate to be able to experience Privilege. Last year Manumission seemed to have a lot of San-An Ibiza Uncovered types, so I was pleasantly surprised to find these absent. I think the addition of Dave Seaman as resident has also given the music in the main room more credibilty. One of the highlights of my holiday would have to be dancing to Underworld's '2 Months Off' in the Coco Loco room as the sun rose above the San Rafeal hills. Truly inspiring.

Tuesday-Garland's Opening Party @ Pin-Up. Didn't go to Pin-Up last year, but was impressed with the set up really good terrace a la Space. Garlands took a while to get going, but by 9pm the Garlands madness was in full swing with Dave and Huey playing there usual blend of funky vocal house. The music doesn't push any boundaries but who cares when everyone is having this much fun.

Saturday- Hed Kandi @ El Divino. First visit and really impressed, would advise anyone to get the boat from Ibiza town harbour just to see how the other half lives. Like Garlands the music was straight down the line funky house and really enjoyable.

Sunday- Space Part 2- Arrived with Cassius, well one of them, half way through their set. Rather than simply beat match one record into the other, the DJ actually earned his fee using 3 decks and cutting up one record into the other with plenty of use of the cross fader. Made a pleasant change. Inside James Zabelia was also making full use of the mixer aswell as loads of scratching, really good to listen and dance to. Next up was the legendary Francois K, who I'd heard about from the seminal Body and Soul in New York. Really wasn't sure what sort of music to expect, but was blown away by what I heard a really deep sort of techno with loads of FX thrown in. Wanted to hear more but was due to go to DC 10 so left at 3.

Monday-Didn't make DC 10. Went to Roger S @ Pacha. Surprisingly quiet. Music was fairly deep until about 5 when he took it to a different level. The best memory of my holiday will be the final 2 hours of his set where he played Frankie Knuckles-Your Love, 'Another Chance' and so many other great records that I wish I knew the name off. With the light coming through the roof @ Pacha at half 7 and a 150 or so clubbers still dancing with all their energy was a joy to be part of. Sublime.

Tuesday-Garlands again-Same carnage.

Wednesday-Subliminal @ Pacha. Biggest disappointment off the holiday. Too busy and Who Da Funk was poor, set had no style to it. Morillo was good as to be expected, but that couldn't make up for the rest of the night.

Thursday-Cream @ Amnesia. Cream appears to be the no.1 destination for the San An 18-30 brigade. which is a shame given how cgood a club Amnesia is, especially the terrace. Didn't bother with the main room too much as trance isn't my thing. Jon Carter on the terrace played a brilliant set of dirty house, but the atmosphere was so flat that it was hard to get excited.

All in all still a brilliant holiday and a brilliant island, afternooons merging into evenings @ Bora Bora with Spanish and Italian loons dancing like there lives depend on it.
The Scumfrog said:
One of the highlights of my holiday would have to be dancing to Underworld's '2 Months Off' in the Coco Loco room as the sun rose above the San Rafeal hills. Truly inspiring

sounds good!! :D