2 tune id's please folks.


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1.sounds like some kind of remix of the smiths/morrisey quite uplifting heard on vibe fm

2.its some bloke over it saying everyone wants to be a dj,my cat wants to be a dj the president wants to be a dj

should be pretty easy for some of you :)
i was just having a look at this thread because i often see people asking for tune ID's...if by that you mean the name then no 2 i believe is:
Heavy Rock 'Drummer'
hope that helps...if not...what is a tune id?
yeah as above 2 is: 'Heavy Rock - (I Just Want To Be A) Drummer'

Originally on vendetta then remixes were on southern fried.

There was a song with a similar vocal but female and i think it was called 'everyone wants to be a dj' but i cant remember who it was by. Its prob in sebs tracklistings somewhere.

As to number 1, i'm not familiar with much of the smiths stuff. Are we talkin guitar stuff here?? Prob not the one but a real nice riff in there anyway, Its a track by loco dice but i'm not sure of the title. It was smokin jo's 2nd track on her ibiza heroes EM. Its signed to four:twenty/hope recordings but i think its unreleased as far as i can tell :(
The only dance version of a Smiths song I can think of is 'There is a Light' by Schneider TM which is a beautiful, electro/glitch cover.

The thought of some cheesy Euro trance idiots getting a hold of a Smiths song is too awful to contemplate.