2 Aussie girls looking for roomates for Ibiza 2009!!


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Hey guys and girls,

We are two aussie girls, aged 21, heading out to Ibiza in June for the summer! Oh so very excited... :) we are wondering if anyone is interested in sharing an apartment/house with us. I have been there twice and love the place but have only been holidaying there not to live and work so its all a bit new to me.
We are currently living in london so just email me edraper@live.co.uk if your interested and can meet up for a drink and chat.

Elise :)
Hey Elise

If you still haven't found someone to share a flat with , well i am available for the whole season , looking forward to work and go out and have a good time . My name is kosta and i am 32 years old , and i am from montreal , canada but i am greek , let me know if you might be interested i have a facebook also kosta dritsopoulos thanks again dritsinc@hotmail.com .