2/9 - 6/9/- In the blink of an eye.......


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.....its gone. Over for another year and it seems like the four days we had (me and Tra, my wife) were over in hours. Far from dying, Ibiza seems to be going from strength to strength, heaving clubs, bars and beaches were proof of that, but the ridiculous prices keep on getting sillier.

Tues 2nd Sep
Travelled to Ibiza through a breathtaking lightning storm which told me the forecast was right for once and Ibiza was looking wet. We arrived at our hotel (Gran Sol near Kanya and Coastline) after midnight cos of a delayed flight and decided to write the night off , get a good nights sleep (as things transpired we were going to need it) and hopefully have a day in the sun. The Gran Sol is in a prime location and is clean, if basic but suited our needs perfectly.

Wed 3rd
Got up at 9 and decided to go for breakfast. It wasn't bad but the grey skies made us change our sunbathing plans and we jumped on a bus for Ibiza town. The clothes shops are spot on, same designers as at home but there just seems to be more choice.
We got back and went to Kanya for a few drinks where the only thing the downpour hadn't effected was the flow of beer! We got ready back at the hotel and headed to the cloudy strip before back off to Ibiza for a few drinks in the port. K-ube bar have this street magic guy who totally freaks you out with his tricks and illusions, he's just like David Blaine but it's amazing to see right in front of your face, I would reccomend anyone going there for a drink if only to see this guy.
We made our way to Pacha, got sorted and in we went. It was a brilliant feeling being back in the place, Sarah Main was funking it up Deck-side and life was very good. Then it wasn't. Timo Maas came on and chug chug chugged his way through an hours tunes before we got sick and went for a mooch about to find the rooms which proved so elusive last year.
In the Global room we bumped into Nenah Cherry and as she was Tracy's hero back in the day she stopped for a chat. (Check out pics). Nenah seemed a genuinly nice person who had loads of time for Tra, they were chatting about everything from old music to each others kids!!! Proper old friends!!!
By this time my eyes were rolling a little so we went back to the main room where Erick proceeded to drop a killer set. I remember dancing near that little stage at the bottom of the steps near the DJ box thinking to myself "there's nowhere in the world I'd rather be".
All too soon it was 7.30 and we cabbed it to Wips for a drink of water and a chat. We met some workers who were totally sound and they ended up taking us to a bar up in the West end until lunch time. Totally wrecked we staggered home.
Thurs 4th
Woke up about 4 and couldn't get back to sleep so I woke Tra (he he) and we walked down to Mambo for a few drinks and a bite to eat. Watched the cloud affected sunset then got ready and out again. Savannah was our next port of call before heading to Underground at about mid night. The place looks very classy and with it being free to get in seems to be a big favourate even though it was a little quiet when we were there, I would have liked to have stayed but we had Cream tickets so off we went.
Cream was pathetically packed, dangerously packed I'd say. We tried to hack it on the dance floor but you just couldn't move so we moved on to the terrace. From wahat I saw of Tiesto he was absolutely superb and would have loved to listen to the lot but it was just annoying getting bumped from pillar to post. The terrace was excellent though, nicely full and top quality house. Went back for PVD but it wasn't happening for me in there so we left at 6. Went to Wips to see our worker mates and headed home about 9.
Fri 5th
Got up about 1 and decided to go round Coastline, before we went we walked down into the hotel bar and sat there was Xpander and her b/f Adam. We introduced ourselves and sat and had a chat for a while, we arranged to meet later and head to Pure Pacha together. They are genuinely lovely people and we were really looking forward to the night ahead. At Coastline it was bouncing, I'd thought about getting some kip but the music was banging and everyone was dancing in and around the pools so you just went with it and it put us even more in the mood for the mighty Sasha. We walked along to Mambo to listen to Tongys show and to see what was the best sunset I've ever seen.
We met Xpander and Adam and headed for Eivissa. After a few bevs in the port we went to a heaving Pacha but I didn't care, it wasn't as bad as Cream so it was ok. Sasha came on and the excitement was at fever pitch, the guy is technically brilliant. His mixing just blows me away and judging by the state he looked in, it was all the more impressive. I wasn't sure about his music for the first hour. It just never seemed to get me going in the way he has in the past. But after that, he hit top form and we were all jumping. Yeke Yeke was played and the crowd just exploded, it was an almost surreal moment to hear one of my favourate all time tunes in my favourate club. Sasha finished and Tongy came on and the place seemed to thin out. It was more breathable and we stayed to listen to what Pete had to offer. I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed his set, at one point jumping up and down like a loony raver I was loving it so much and I haven't felt like doing that for years.
We went back to Wips again but this proved a mistake as we were all feeling the pace and we had to be out of our room by 12.
Sat 6th
After a couple of hours sleep we walked like zombies round to Itaca for a bite to eat. It was crap and I wouldn't recommend it at all. Went for as few pints but I was feeling so rough it was unbelievable and before we knew it it was time to say our goodbyes to Xpander and Adam, thanks for a really good night guys, we really enjoyed it and thanks again for saving us!!! ;)
Another delayed flight was so predictable and as we sat in the airport, reflecting on our short break in Ibiza we realised we'd had 9 hours sleep from Wednesday morning until now. No wonder we felt a bit out of sorts!!
I walked through my front door at 2am feeling terrible but thinking to myself, "I can't wait to do that again". So my love affair with the white isle goes from strength to strength and with a bit of luck, I'll be back for the opening parties next year. Thanks to all the weird and wonderful people we met who helped to make it what it was.
You can check out a selected few of my snaps here, couldn't put them all up for legal reasons!!! Ha ha.

Man, you've got some stamina matey. cool review.

You and your mr's certainly do the big eye thing well ;)

Proof that you can have a very good time staying in San An :eek:

how was underground?
Underground was very cool, I'd like to have a full night there as it was a bit quiet as it had just opened, apparently the night we were there, Sasha was in later on celebrating his b'day. Defo a full night next year.
I won't be caning it that hard again, gonna need a day off here and there. I'm no spring chicken ya know!! :D
nice one hook!

good piccies too - nice sneaking in of secret cameras ;-)

judging by what everyone has been saying, (including myself) that sasha night at pacha was the night of the season!
K-ube magician - Very good indeed!

Pacha - Aggree, Erick was brilliant that night,i've been telling everyone that too and Timo very boring.

Can you remember any of the workers names at wips after pacha...i guess they took you to Bo's bar? I made the same mistake :lol:
One was Louise, another Ben. There was a guy from Newcastle and an Aussie guy who did a circus act over there. Can't remember the Aussie guys name but he was absolutely spot on, hope to meet him again next year.
Louise - Bout 5foot 8, brownish/blonde hair, worked for angel fingers?
I did happen to see some girl from hollyoaks on the plane... didnt realise who she was till we got off. Dont think my mates would have taken the piss as she slept on the plane quite so much if they had known who she was!! Thats about as famous as it gets for me, well apart from mr sanchez at the mambo opening who really had very little choice, in all fairness, about having his picture taken!
N8 said:
Louise - Bout 5foot 8, brownish/blonde hair, worked for angel fingers?

Nah, she was about 5'8 but she had dark hair and worked for Eden. Couldn't believe the pathetic money they get paid, also she said the free entry into clubs for workers is a myth. No chance of getting on guest list on good nights!!!! They all seemed happy about being there though.

Also saw Charlie Brooks in Pacha near the toilets. Don't know if I'm allowed to say this but she had a bit of a jaw on!!!!.
Aw right, was just wondering, one of my best friends louise has been working out there all season and i always used to find her at wips every morning :lol:

Yes, this year its really hard for workers to get on any guest lists for the UK/american nights, but the spanish and italian nights are much more worker friendly.

I'm sh1te at spotting celebrities unless they're like Tom cruise level famous.

Good at spotting djs and footballers though ;)

Whenever my friends see a z list celeb/soap star/singer and point them out, i usually still cant see/recognise them. Was sitting practically next to that janine from Eastenders at base and still didnt have a clue who she was/or care.

Spotted Carl Cox at El divino from the other side of the terrace though :lol:
Charlie Brooks = Janine from Eastenders.
You must have been there the same time as me, unless Charlie treated herself to a few Ibiza trips this year.
N8 said:
Good at spotting djs and footballers though ;)
I couldnt spot a footballer if he was kicking a ball, wearing his teams shirt and screaming "look at me... I'm rich and famous!"

Footie just dont do it for me i'm afraid!
hook19 said:
Charlie Brooks = Janine from Eastenders.
You must have been there the same time as me, unless Charlie treated herself to a few Ibiza trips this year.

Told you! I dont have a bloody clue :lol: :lol: :lol:

Was there 1-16 sep....