1st Trance Nation.....


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Just been listen to the very first trance nation album....anyone got it??

Its got loads of quality classic trance tunes. Pure classics from back in the day when trance was at its best.

Such classics like:

Lost witness - happines happening
Origin - Wide eyed angel
pvd - for an angel
Robert Miles - Children
Moonman - don't be afraid
chicane - offshore
underworld - dark and long
art of trance - madagascar
BT - Lovin you more
Breeder - Twilo Thunder
Mansun - wide open space
Future sound of London - Papua new guinea
BBE - Sven days and one week

I don't care if you think some of these are cheesy.
they are classics!!!

This was trance at its very best..
Yeah I have got that, sometimes me and blokey come in from clubbing and have a right old trance sesh and whack that on :D

The Gatecrasher Black and Red are also really good when you fancy some good old proper trance at 9am on a Sunday morning :D
Yep agree it is awesome,

Papua New Guinea and Madegascar are ALL time classics two of the greatest tunes ever!!!!!!

New trance stuff just doesn't generally match up (i.e. Ian Van Dahl - ARRGGHH this is pop not trance!!!!)

I know it is a cliche but Trance took a nosedive when it replaced house as the popular choice.
Gatecrasher Wet is a f***ing outstanding double CD too, prob my fav trance album. Also try Tranceformer (the first one, not tranceformer 2000) if you like trance nation.

lol im only 21 and i have to say those were the days eh?
yeah I definitely agree Robo. trance kinda had a short lived peak, but there are still a few good tunes once in a while. vintage trance is where it's at.

one of the better comp's

i like the first euporhia cd that had some top tunes on it.
also kisstory the ibiza version wicked tunes on that
Is 'Push - Universal Nation' and 'System F - Out of the Blue' on that one?

There's a few more I'd class as classics such as 'Paul Van Dyk - Avenue/Another Way', 'F1 - Music is my Life' (I think it's by F1 anyway, can't remember coz it's tucked away somewhere) and a track on Hooj Choons called Space Manouevres....... Awesome.
Everyone knows my views -

trance = kids music = glowsticks = stilton.


I agree about Papua New Ginea but it is not trance - being released in 1992.

trance was not a well used music term in 92 when papa new ginea was first released. so no way is it trace.

how ever it was repressed in 98 with a new remix which my get classed as trance.

the euphria complations well teh first 3 where all good, then started doing oldskool and chill out not so good.

i also like the trade complations not trancey more hard stuff but neither the less good comps.
sorry, but i really hate pigeonholeing any tune at all..... or any DJ...... because it's so easy to say "this is trance", or this is "funky hard house" or whatever.......

To me the most important thing is the tune, i mean forget the genre (and the clever mix that some DJ has just performed, well done! The tune is the most important thing.....

Mind you that CD does look kind of tempting......
I have a lot of Trance from 98/99 and it was amazing back then but I also have to say that there is a lot of good stuff coming out now (last Gatecrasher CD was the best in ages) and the sets that Ferry and Armin are playing at the moment are pretty darn good. :D

I have to say that I LOVE listening to my old trance CD's Gatecrasher-Wet is my all time favourite.