1st Timers!


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hey everyone me and my fella are due to fly out on the 29th june, we've booked up for the rosamar hotel on san antonio bay i think (can tell i dont pay attention when i book holidays i get carried away thinkin of the sand n sea n tanning!)...this is the 1st time either of us have been to ibiza and ive been hearing horror storys of how expensive things are and that the area we've booked isnt really couply...dont get me wrong we're only in our early 20's no kids yet and we both like a good time n stuff but obv we wont be livin in the clubs...is there other things to do...also one other thing n this might not be nice but its not full of pill heads is it (the average amount you get everywhere i can handle i jus dont want to be the only 2 people on the island not E'd out our eyeballs)??? lol please put my fears to rest

sorry if this sounds like a post from an alien

San Antonio bay is the quieter side of San An.

Ideal for families and couples- so overall a lot quieter than San Antonio town where the West End is. :)
you can do as much or as little as you want in ibiza, whenever you want - that's aprt of it s charm. not everyone is on pills. just do your own thing. and enjoy. rosamar is in the bay area of san an and should be fine for a couple.