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I am from Philadelphia in the states and am going to experience Ibiza with my girl on the 25th of June through 1st of July for the first time. I am a huge Tiesto, AVB, trance fan in general. Saw Tiesto rip it in Philly last night. Can anyone give me a schedule of what clubs play most trance? I know I am going to Tiesto on Thursday, and Ferry Corsten on Sunday. How easy is it to get tix? General info... Thanx
Hey :D

We're there from 20 June so our paths might cross. For trance you've got Cream on Thursdays, Judgement Sundays (on Sundays :p ), Dave Pearce is Fridays (but will be a bit cheesy), Clockwork Orange is on Wednesdays. That's about it for trance, it's a lot more housey in Ibiza.

No probs getting tickets, just buy them from a bar the night you want to go.

If you want trance there is only one place to be!

CREAM@AMNESIA on thursday....residents include tiesto, pvd, paul oakenfold, with guest like guy ornadel, tall paul, cor finjimen...
Thanx for the responses...Is there any way to come across discounts for the clubs? Certain bars/promoters to look for? Probably not but just askin anyway. How is the h2o party at Es Paradis, club looks pretty lavish. Thanx
Es Paradis is great if your idea of fun is swiming in other peoples vomit :twisted:
Are there any clubs I can afford to pass on?
Thanx, you have been so helpful.
tylerthesaint said:
Are there any clubs I can afford to pass on?
Thanx, you have been so helpful.

I would personally avoid Eden and Es Paradis and stick with Space, Pacha, DC10, Pin-Up, Amnesia.

Eden and Es Paradis attract a lot of the Club 18-30 crew, more a beer boy night out as opposed to clubbers :rolleyes:
are you staying in San Antonio...? :cry: ..hopefully not.. if you are & if it's not to late to change your hotel then stay in playa d'enbossa (next to Bora Bora & Space) :eek:

(hope fully not p'ing off all the Sunset fans! - personal taste & all that!)
didn't you find that playa d'en Bossa was a dump? Obviously I went for space & pin up. But to stay there no thank you very much. Glad I never got to see San Antonio. Playa d'en Bossa was bad enough.
I'm staying in the Tagomago in San Antonio Bay... Very inexpensive because I did not want to spend much $$ on a hotel I wasn't going to spend much time other than sleeping... It does come with breakfast and dinner when I come back from the clubs. Any decent beaches around this hotel? I found the place on this website. Only 5 more days! Thanx for the help everyone.