1st time on the East Coast ...

Colin Jammin

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Hi, I've been a regular in Ibiza for the last 4 yrs, but never stayed anywhere apart from San An.

I'm coming over for 4 days mid June with the Mrs. We want to be near a beach and near the livelyness ...

Is it better to stay in PDB or Ibiza Town ? We also heard that it would be a good idea to stay in Talamanca ?

Can anyone recommend any good hotels ?

Thank you.
Ibiza Town is right in the middle of the liveliness but no beach - although there is a boat to Talamanca that runs every 15 mins or so and only takes 10 minutes (or you can walk it in 30 mins). Loads of choice of bars/restaurants etc and all the buses to everywhere in the island go from there.

Playa D'en Bossa has a massive beach and a few places like Space and Bora Bora, but less choice of other bars/restaurants than Ibiza Town (although Ibiza Town isn't that far away by taxi or bus). Also will be cheaper than Ibiza Town to stay there.

Talamanca is nice but fairly quiet - good beach a few restaurants and you can get to Ibiza Town fairly quickly by boat. I think there's a bus there too or you can walk in about 30 mins or so. Accomodation is more pricey than PDB usually.

Other option is to stay in Figueretas. You can walk to Playa D'en Bossa Beach from there in 15-20 mins (Figueretas has it's own beach too although not as good as PDB or Talamanca). Also you can walk to Ibiza Town in 20 mins and you can usually find pretty reasonably priced accomodation.

Any of those places are easy enough to get to and from Ibiza Town from (and to other places on the island). Have a good time!
Budgie, nice one for that.

Looks like PDB is the one for me.

Did ideally want to be near Pacha 'cos the two nights were are going to go to FMIM & Defected are both at Pacha.

But as you said, their are are busses.

Like the look of that Garbi hotel pointed out above. Just trying to get a quote from them though.

algarb is cheap as well.for a base camp.might be a maxium nights stay though in some places.bus 14 runs to ibizatown.takes 10 mins depends on pick ups ect and traffic in town.get off at deltadisco shop busstop.walk the rest or get a taxi.
PDB is definitely a good choice! You'll be in Ibiza town in no time (we even walked lots of times) and the beach is lovely and great for people-watching 8). We stayed at Club Don Toni which we liked, not very luxurious or anything but comfy and clean. They have all-inclusive programs if you're into that sort of thing. Bora Bora was also very near and Space is almost across the road.
if your going to pacha its ten mins on the bus and 5 mins walk around the harbour did it last year for f*** me im famous
I stayed in Algarb hotel a year ago and it was simply awesome but it was in the closings and the fair was quite cheap... now in high season its very expensive comparing to the apartment i ve booked for example...
you can get discount on hotel algarb.but you need to book in march to get 20% off.but i know prices are high in any hotel july/aug,peak times you see