1st time ibiza visitors age 30


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Where is the best place to stay in ibiza when renting a villa. Some of the girls in our group wouldnt be that into clubbing and half of us will be out everynight where is the happy medium on the white isle?
Best for you and your group is at the coast near Eivissa.
Like between Eivissa and Cala Llonga or Sta Eulalia.
Girls like beaches and taxi from Cala Llonga to Pacha don´t cost fortune :)
Only "negative" point is long way to Cafe del mar and see the sun set....
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try round San Jose.not far from playa den bossa/ibizatown.and san an. buses run through this place to ibiza and san an.so it would only mean a taxi ride back if you planning on coming home late.might be best to hire a car as well for day time stuff.and shopping for food in the supermarkets and shops.
If the clubbers have a car (be careful what you consume before driving - my wife was stopped in the early hours coming to pick me up from the airport one year) try out on the north side of the island. It's stunningly beautiful and where you get a tangible sense of the real Ibiza. Villa Solimar is on this site in San Carlos - don't forget to visit Bar Anita. I've stayed there and can recommend it. If you book it say hi to Carlos (the owner) for me.