19th to 22nd Sept - Short and Sweet!


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Ok guys I am a complete Ibiza Virgin, help a brother out! Any suggestions, where to go, what to do? Staying at Bossa Mar apartments right next to Bora Bora! Please help!
Have you done any research on the main Ibiza-Spotlight website? Tons of info there.
Did you check the party calendar? Full list of events on there.
What are you into? I'll assume you like clubbing but what kind of music?

If it were me, I'd go to:
19 - Pure Pacha @ Pacha (w/ Basement Jaxx)
20 - either People from Ibiza @ Amnesia or Matinee @ Space (both happy house nights)
21 - We Love @ Space (big line-up. That's a must.)
Are you still there Monday night? I recommend Cocoon @ Amnesia

Spend an afternoon at Bora Bora, of course, but also get yourself out to another beach or two during the day. Lots of people talking about Cala Jondal this year, specifically the Blue Marlin beach club there. Ibiza Spotlight has a full beach guide.

Eating, try Moorea's right there in the Jet complex. Head over to the Dalt Vila (Ibiza's old town) one evening, have a walk around, get a bite to eat at La Oliva. If you've got time, maybe on Saturday, head to Cafe Mambo in San Antonio and enjoy the famous sunset.
Thanks a lot mate! You saved my life!
I checked out all the websites but there is so much to do and i have no clue what is a must see! SO this helps a lot. And i love house so it fits! Any suggestions on how to get into clubs without queing? Is buying tickets enough? Once inside, is it better to get a table or try to stand at the bar?
Once inside the clubs, better to hit the dancefloor!

Most of the tables you'll find are in the VIP sections. In most cases, that's not worth the money.

You should get your tickets beforehand.

Pacha tickets can be purchased at many bars. Tantra in PdB (about a block away from Bossa Mar and across the street, in the direction of Space) is a good spot to pick them up. i've never waited more than 5 minutes to get in to Pacha.

You can buy most Space and Amnesia tickets through this website. They get you entrance through the VIP line. You just need a photo ID. If you want to leave it until late to decide, then those tickets are also available at places like Tantra but you'll stand in the regular line.
Indeed some good advice from Morbyd there,although ive noticed everyone recommends Cocoon on a Monday nite, what about MN2S @ El Divino, one of the more consistent smaller nites in Ibiza always with a quality line up if your into proper House music and half the price too.:!:
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Thanks guys. I think since its my first time its better to check out the big places, next year i will come for two weeks and chek out all the nooks and crannies! ;)
Any other advice?
In the afternoon of the 19th theres a party at the old zoo as part of the beachbombing festival thing . check their website if u interested you can get tickets in advance