19th June - Birthday Drinks @ Coastline

You'll be missing out Robo .. cos I'll be there with my sock !
arh, wont be there unfortunately, gutted, and gutted again about missing the "SOCK". You best put a piccy up Saffs. :p
The Sock!!!!

Saffy, your sock could soon achieve legendary status, who knows maybe next year the 'adhoc sock' (I like the way that sounds) could be the new fashion trend for the Ibiza crowd!

You should open your own cafe out there - 'Saffy's Sock on Sunset Strip'

I think it's all getting too much for me - I'll get me coat (or sock if you will)
:D :D :D :D :D :D
Bloody hell please dont tempt me! Mike is piddled off with work and stuff at the mo .. he is a wicked cook ... I talk a lot and can pour drinks ...

Told the kids we are going to sell the house one day and bugger off! ;)
will see what happerns

might get their. where a big badge that says it's your birhtday... 8)

Hmm, Ok I'm gonna get one with 21 on it and just lie through my teeth!!!

Maybe not - just 'birthday' will suffice methinks!!!!

Will be great to meet ya Toffer! If we aint met before .. you still going to Underwater?
We'll have to see how we go, but I'm up for it as I must to Pacha at some point - will try to persuade the guys! To be fair so long as one of em is up for it then I'll go along.

Fatboy Slim could help tip the balance from Clockwork Orange (which I don't fancy anyway)

So Pacha on 17th, or if not then Coastline from about 8pm on 19th. Sounds like there could be a few others which is good!!! :D
I'll be at Underwater as well popping my Pacha cherry.

Saffy I will look out for you from your piccie (and sock of course :p )

Toffer, I will ask every tall English bloke if they are you.

If not see you on the 19th at Coastline :)
Not every tall English bloke -Tall & Fat (again harsh but fair!)
Shortish hair mid-brown with typical sort of flick up/spikey at front
White shirt, grey 3/4 lenght trousers
And probably wearing a humiliating birthday badge
Not forgetting a there will be a couple of asian guys in our group (inc. one with the pencil thin craig david style beard) and I'll be in a group of about 8 of us (until some of you guys arrive)

I may also be at Underwater, although I'll probably have to ditch my group to go there, so if I see you and Saffy there it'll make life a lot easier for the coastline meet up.

Don't forget that Ruth and her people are also likely to be in coastline celebrating her birthday so hopefully they should also be easy to spot!

Damn, all this talk is just whipping my excitement up into a frenzy! As soon as I get home I'm going through my wardrobe to get my clothes ready and find out if I need anything else + wash anything I need now so I'm not in a rush later on!

It's gonna be soooo cool!
Excited ? I am on the ceiling !

Just having some wine .. despite having suffered a dreadful hangover today ... hair of the dog and all that ...

Off to the shops again tomorrow as I might just have to invest in a shortie skirt, if only for Ibiza!
hi saffy/toffer!!

ill be there on friday morning just to remind you...spent most of last night washing and ironing and packing...thats really not like me!!

essential items i must not forget..
sun cream
3 to 2 pin plug
euro's - christ have you seen how shite the exchange rate is at the mo...£500 will get me €645 only (from the post office - any better ideas)

ill still forget something... :rolleyes:
Toffer ... if you wanna go to Underwater and your mates dont .. come with us! We're staying at the Rosalia Hostel in San An .. or will be at Mambo for sunset and pre drinks on the Tuesday .. just look for the sock!
Nice on Saffy - I'll see what they say - sounds like a good plan to me!