19/07 - 25/07


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review from saturday 19 july till friday 25 july

my 6th times in Ibiza (1986, 1994, 2x2001, 2002 and 2003)
the 4th times for my girlfriend (2x2001, 2002 and 2003)

we arrived with the boat from Barcelona at 9am. we stayed in La Noria Hotel (very good hotel, quiet but near Bora Bora Beach). the first day we didn't go to a club, we just stayed at bora bora beach (Gee was mixing). bora bora was full crowded. we stayed till the end (midnight). enough for the first day.

"we love sundays" at Space of course!!!!! we arrived there at the begining of the afternoon, not so much people if you compare with the others years. we saw jonathan ulysses (very good set like usual) and then international guest for the terrace DJ Sneak. we saw the first 2 hours and then went back to bora bora to eat (Gee was mixing again) and came back for the end of Steve Lawler's set. we went inside to see the second big guest Jeff Mills with 3 decks, also a great set and before we saw Francisco Farfa who played also a terrific set, we really enjoyed this one.
price for space entrance: 35€

after a monday morning sleep, let's go to DC10 not so crowded untill 5 o'clock with a very good set from Tania Vulkano and like every time a very good atmosphere with frienship people. DC10 is great!!!!!!
price for DC10 entrance: 25€
Monday night: it's time for Amnesia and Cocoon night with THE MASTER and my favourite DJ in the world Mister SVEN VATH!!!!!!!!! the warm up was made by another big name DJ Hell!!!!! once again my best night on the white island thanks to Sven and the very good atmosphere of Amnesia, the music, the crowd. each time we go to Cocoon we want to stay to the last second of the party, incredible night!!!!!!!!
price for amnesia entrance: 45€

after a very little rest, go for manumission carry on at Space. like usual also a very good party. it's very strange, I really hate the manumission party in Privilege but I really like the after at Space. we stay till afternoon and then once again go to bora bora.
price for space entrance: free (we received invitations)
after the end of afternoon and the evening in bora bora we came back to space for the opening party of Mr Carl Cox. the terrace was fully fully fully crowded and Coxy arrived at 11.45pm for a mini set of 45min on the terrace, then everybody went inside for DJ Vibe and at 3.30am Carl came back till the end. very good night!!!!!!!
price for Cox night: free (we also received invitations)

we didn't go to a club, just spend all the day at bora bora and for the evening, we went to Ibiza puerto to eat grilled fishes. a quiet day.

bora bora during the day and for our last evening we went to amnesia for cream with Tiesto and Tall Paul. totally different than the cocoon night but also a good atmosphere with a 3hours set of Tiesto (very hard) and a good technical set from Tall Paul. still THE ice canon (not during cocoon night)!!!!!!! waooooooow!!!!!!!!
price entrance: 40€

go back to barcelona with the boat!!!!!!!!

Once again very good holidays on the white island. I had the impression that this year there is less people than the other years but the atmosphere is still very good and very friendship. the sundays at space were a little less crazy than usual. DC10 is still the best after. we didn't find time to try Pin Up. bora bora is still so fantastic, always crowded. and cocoon is still THE BEST NIGHT in IBIZA.
Money spent: boat and hotel: 700€ and for all the other things (clubs, drinks, eat,..... : 1800€
we will come back from 14/09 till 18/9 for Cocoon closing!!!!!!!!!


Whoah Fred, that's some party week. Are you sure you are still alive?

Sounds like tremendous fun. ;)