18-30s not a good choice



did ne1 else think that 18-30s was a waste of time.package trips consisted of r&b nights and crappy booze cruises with cheap vodka where they dump u @7 oclock paiised and skint.im so glad i didnt take ne packages and as a result 1 of the reps got a bit stroppy especially after i told her it was my 3rd time in ibiza and i knew where i wanted to go and they didnt have my clubbing nights in there packages.the only night i wanted to book was a bar crawl,they told me they only did free ones now but once there u have to pay to play the drinking games,and u go to 1 bar and 1 club,u could have better bar crawls in prison.Never again ill stick to indepaendant hols in future. :!: :!: :rolleyes:
did 18-30s first visit to the island, it was a laugh but at the end of the day I want two weeks to do what I (and my mates) want to do, not what some reps keep trying to make you do. We just told them the only reason we are with 18-30 was that it was the cheapest deal available and we have no intention of going to Disco Inferno in EsParadis and Gold in Summun...Although a couple of my mates did have a chat about the school disco :eek: .... ok, we all did :rolleyes: , but didn't bother in the end..
moonflow said:
as a result 1 of the reps got a bit stroppy especially after i told her it was my 3rd time in ibiza and i knew where i wanted to go

Same happens every time we get a last minute cheapie deal - it's guarenteed to be an 18-30/Twentys and we always have to ditch the reps as we've been so many times. Don't they hate it haa haa haaargghh :twisted:

They told us we had to come to the meeting as they had a ticket which would let us back on the plane - yeah right I HAVE THE ONLY TICKET THAT WILL LET ME BACK ON THE PLANE YOU MUPPET! :p

Did you have a good time anyway apart from muppet reps?
I went 18 - 30's an they were the same with me an my bf.

The amount of times she tried to sell us the "booze cruise" & some thing were they all get naked an some crappy RNB night!


Basically me an my bf told her nope , we already know what we wanna do and she turned around an said "but the events we r selling u r the best on the island" lol!

Hmmm yes of course spank with pat sharp is loads better than going to lashed @ Eden!

lol i dont think so!

all they sold me was helter skelter ha ha!
Me and my friends were with Club 18-30 and as it was ur first time in ibiza we went to the rep meeting and v stupidly took the package! I think the booze cruise and the cabaret were quite good but everything else was crap, i mean pat sharpe in the star club? wot a joke!!

When we go back i think we might still go with club 18-30 cos there cheapest and ur guaranteed to have only young ppl in ur apartments and it is a good atmosphere but we will not be takin their package thats for sure!
Boardgrrrrl said:
They told us we had to come to the meeting as they had a ticket which would let us back on the plane - yeah right I HAVE THE ONLY TICKET THAT WILL LET ME BACK ON THE PLANE YOU MUPPET!
You have to admire their determination... but I like your come back!!!
Went with 18-30's last year, it was all sell sell sell so much pressure to buy their crap, and since I was an Ibiza newbie didn't know any better. Gold at Summum did suck in a big way. Only thing was the appartments were nice (Del Mar) and it was cheap via the Daily Star (£127).

This year I went with FreeStyle, much better, no pressure. They were like this is what we have take it or leave it. Obviously did try and sell tours and stuff but meant the meaning of NO!!!! Top guys!
the idea of an 18-30s holiday doesnt sound to appealing - having to wait upon people - easier if u do it your own way - more fun, probably cheaper and you get to go to descent clubs!! hahaha!! :twisted:
bigbearblue said:
the idea of an 18-30s holiday doesnt sound to appealing
why not? :lol:

<--- :eek:
i went with a similar company for our first year in Ibiza - already had the club nights planned out so didn't want any of the activities...

...found them to be really cool about it - left it up to you and absolutely no pressure

18-30 were another story...complete opposite.
Same thing with me. We went with Escapades the first year in Ibiza as it was our first time and thought they'd know better than us for where to go. Plus you know what its like when you plan to go somewhere have a few drinks and strangley you never end up doing what you wanted to do in the first place. Thought this would be good as they would look after us and make sure we got to where we wanted safely. We only done the Bar crawl with them the first night and the Booze Cruise. They didnt really presure us into doing anything else and left us be.

I went to Corfu the following year in August with and we went with 18-30's. They would not let us out of the room until a rep had the chance to sit down with us and badger us into booking things with them.

Then a week after i came back i went to Ibiza again and my mates that had booked went with Escapades again and the rep was lovely and after they'd told him they didnt want to do anything with them he just sat and had a chat with us and then left.
maybe i cna help


the ibiza law changed some years back. you can't move large groups of people around any more. not like bar crawls pre 2000.
the reps can only take you too 1 bar and 1 club,
not one to go topless after 9pm male or female. no jumping in the fountians in san an harbour. ect ect.

they are genrally good for a cheap prices. and the hotel are okay. just be prepaired to tell the no too their trips.
i only liked the booze cruises and the oldschool night at of the 10 trip i paid for last year.

i was surprised they add el davino and space too the list of clubs to go to but they are not worth. el davion they take you their then leave you too get back.
as for sapce it i bit hare to go at 12 in the afternoon when you haven' had a drink.
how much the reps hassle you depends on how much they earn on commission from them...my last rep wasn't bothered in the slightest, but it was the end of the season so he had probably given up by then!
We went with Club Freestyle a couple of years ago and didn't get hassled by a rep once and their prices were pretty good, not sure about now though.

I personally find it a whole lot cheaper booking everything independently rather than getting a package deal. It takes a little bit more homework, which I think is all the fun, but it really makes a difference IMO. I'm sure other members will agree with me.
We went with 20's last year .. and after initially hassling us regarding trips, I had to have words ... and she then ignored us for the rest of the time we were there ... BLISS ! In fact, her sulky face whenever she saw us, was a great source of amusement !

One poor guy was talked into buying two week's trips and had no money left at the end of the first week ...

Unfortunately, I don't whether the policy is still the same, but these companies pay a VERY low wage and the reps have to rely on commission to get by!
I went in 2003 (first time) with 18-30 an they were not that bad - they were a good laugh and altho they do push packages and wotever on you it's how they make their money.

Booze cruise was ok but dont get club tickets packages cos they give you tickets for shiite clubs when you be having more fun in san an!!

going again with 18-30 but not buying f all from them this time.
i've been with free style and they were fine about us not buying any of the deals, but Twentys :evil: !! they were so pushy, banged on our door on the first, very tired,early morinng, so we didnt answer, then they got pissed of cos we bought none of there package as they would not split it up, we only wanted some nights off of them. So they neva spoke to us the rest of the week :D must have been sulking :p