16th August to 23rd August



Hi Folks, just thought I'd post this up.
Myself and my brother are arriving there 16th August.

History - I was there last year for the first time with 3 Irish mates, had a ball, hired a jeep, saw a bit of the island as well.
My brother was there once with an ex-girlfriend - so needs to party

PLANS - Just an initial idea, but open to suggestions:-
Fri 16th Aug - Either Danny Tenaglia - Amnesia OR Ministry of Sound @ Pacha
Sat 17th Aug - Dave Pearce - Euphoria @ Eden
Sun 18th Aug - SPACE, then if we have the energy Judge Jules (?)
Mon 19th Aug - Manumission (wee brother has never been)
Tue 20th Aug - Any suggestions, probably few drinks down West End
Wed 21st Aug - Any suggestions, maybe Renaissance @ Amnesia or Subliminal @ Pacha (just noticed Erik Morillo is on, definately Pacha then)
Thu 22nd Aug - Mauro Picotto - Cream @ Amnesia....

So if any of you fancy meeting up, or have better suggestions, let us know, try and email me before 16th August, although will check the emails over there....

We also are there from 18Th August till 27Th; if you want to meet up sent me a pm ;) On the 18Th we'll be at Borra Borra 8)
We are there also.....Aug.15-22
Our first time going!!!!! We are still finalizing a meeting date and spot.....I'll keep u informed...... ;) Can't wait 9 days to go!!!!
smiley said:
Borra Borra
... that's really funny ...smiley

It means :
' erase , erase ' in spanish ...

Last thing you want ...

have fun