16th August to 23rd August - Where do I go?



Well I'm sitting here on a bank holiday Monday in work, in Dublin, and God am I bored, I made the BIG mistake of logging on here areound 1pm and can't get back to work, as I am getting all wound up about going to Ibiza - 16th August to 23rd August.

Myself and my brother are basically going to walk into a travel agents anywhere in Edinburgh or Glasgow (ANY TIPS WELCOMED), and say "We want to go to Ibiza for 1 week leaving tomorrow!" :lol: and hopefully get the cheapest deal possible.... ;)

I was there last year with mates and had a brilliant time (Fri-MOS, Sat-EsPAradis, Sun-Space, Mon-Manumission, Tue-Gods Kitchen, Wed-WestEnd, Thurs-Cream), so WHERE DO YOU GO THIS YEAR AT THE ABOVE DATES???

I used this forum a lot last year and hoped that the whole meeting up thing people go on about would happen, but it didn't really happen. I believe Ibiza Spotlight (James and his crew are just LEGENDS for starting this site) have weekly meeting at Cafe Del Mar? or was it Bora Bora? Are Spotlight memebers really going there to meet?

Well I just though I'd cheer you all and let you know how depressing it is pre-Ibiza, when you can't concentrate on work, when you've targets to meet and all you can think of is Ibiza - Party - Fun......

:p :lol: 8)