16 July - 26 July 3 Scottish Ravers



3 Scottish ravers arriving in San An. on 16 July. If anyone fancies meeting up and getting caned, get in contact. Be warned , you better be able to last the pace. Gonna see Altern8 and Ratpack at Es Paradis on the 21st. Into hard house, old skool especially but in general everything. :D
meet up?

Me and my mate are there from 13th-20th july if you're interested in meeting up? Gotta' be proper hard core stay up all night clubbers tho! :D :eek:

Don't worry - we party 'till we drop - going to Pillbox in Edinburgh tomorrow night to warm up!!!!!!!!! Arriving in San An on the 16th and going to Retro and Hed Kandi on the 17th at Eden if you fancy it??? We're staying at Hotel Valencia - any suggestions for where / when to meet?

:eek: :eek: :eek:
i am out there 20th to 27th july and well up for going to ratpack and also storm/nuckleuz at inox and also tonic with pin up............gotta check out lisa lashes as she is the queen of hard house............we should hook up......hardcore...you know the score :) :) :)
Cool. No probs, the more the merrier. Totally can't wait for the 21st, Altern8 are gonna rock. Hopefully it'll turn out reallt messy. Any ideas for meeting up? :eek: :eek: :eek: