15 day Weather Forecast for Ibiza

oi whats with all the clouds? :(
you know wot weather forecasts forecast nuffing!

don't worry when you get there it'll be all clear skies and SUN hot hot hot hot hot
Yep, I know

The amount of times I've been away and it is always hotter and sunnier than they say!!!!

Cant wait to get there now, gonna arrive at the villa, lob my suitcase to one side and dive straight into the pool!!

Getting too excited about it all already
ya like toffer you!
not going till 22nd aug me! but i can still get just as excited can't I!!

do a double back flip dive for me!
I'll have a go at the double backflip, but to be honest my technical ability and build lend me more towards a john smith's advert style bombing!!!!

must go and sort me hire car today also as our villa is up in the hills near san jose so gonna need some wheels.
Whoa, 8 days!!!!!

That's even closer than my departure you lucky thing!!!

Might have to go shopping this weekend then for those last minute summer clothes!

15th - 22nd June - Bring it on!