13 PC flight sim


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Jesus wept. This bloke likes his flight sims. He's
connected 13 monitors and 9 PCs together to get
the ultimate c*ckpit view. He must be single. But
imagine watching porn on it. Mmm.

nutter! is that a jar of vitamins on the side? I bet he needs em!
Seems pretty mad to me but if thats what the guy like to do then why knock him :confused:
i'd love to have a go on that even though I've never played a flight sim, it must be as close as you'd get to a real simulator that pilots use to train with.
Why is it everyone is so quick to ridicule people with interests other than there own :confused:

Persoanlly I'd swap the joystick for a steering wheel and play a bit of Need for speed (yes I am such a child :D )