13 Go Mad in Ibiza



A long review for only 3 nights but here goes.......

Myself and a dozen friends flew out for Chop's stag/bucks/batchelor party* (*delete as appropriate depending upon nationality) on Friday 23rd - a logistical nightmare because it involved 3 flights from different airports in UK arriving at different times.

I was on the first flight from Manchester 6am Friday with 2 others - one of whom had travelled up from Bristol the night before. At check-in, the lady helpfully pointed out that he'd brought HIS WIFE'S PASSPORT :cry: After much wrangling, he eventually managed to get himself on a flight from Bristol at 1pm the same day, so had to pay train fare back home and additional flight charge, but at least he made it only 7 hours late.

Two of us arrived at Blau Park apartments in Calo des Moro (Highly recommended!) at 11am and spent the rest of the day by the pool waiting for others to arrive. This took until about midnight, so by this time a few beers had been drunk (Kanya and Coastline) and only 7 of us felt up to going clubbing. We walked to taxi rank in San An's delightful (NOT) westend.

The taxi queue was massive and we were approached by a very camp and very pierced German who offered us a lift to DC10, along with three ladies who were going to Pacha for 5Euros each. I had heard about the dangerous SanAn - Ibiza Road so enquired as to the safety features in his vehicle and was reassured as to its road worthiness. We decided to go for it and walked round the corner to see a completely battered VW campervan with no side door, just a chain. By this point we didn't care and enjoyed a white-knuckle ride to Pacha, then on to DC10, which was closed :evil: , and then back to Pacha for MoS.

I was a not that bothered about Pacha 'cos I'd heard mixed reports, but it was quite enjoyable. The main room was rammed so we went in the little room on the right as you go in and stayed there all night - it was sound. Don't know the name of the DJ but played good funky stuff. Also, a note about the bar staff. They get a bad press and initially I thought they were a right bunch of snotty b@stards. However, if you order your drinks and thank them in Spanish you usually got a smile for at least making the effort, (or p1ss-poor pronunciation!). Got a taxi back home at 6.30am and watched a fantastic storm from the balcony until 9am. Decided at that point that it was a waste of time going to bed, so spent the rest of saturday drinking and trying various methods of staying awake ;) ;) . Lasted until 10.30pm then hit the sack.

Sunday was always being saved for Space, but I awoke feeling very ill. We all managed to get our acts together by 2pm so taxi'd over to Bora-Bora and sat in the sun for a couple of hours then Into Space at 4pm.

If anyone is in Ibiza on a sunday and is thinking of NOT going to Space DON'T!!!!!!!! This place is amazing. I even managed to feel brilliant about it despite losing about 140Euros :cry: David Morales was pants on toast (my opinion) but everything else was fantastic, even Tongy who I don't particularly like. Met loads of lovely people (big shout to the 2 pauls from Leeds and the wife - sorry forgot name), danced like a dervish and had a thoroughly great time. The Thing that will stick in my mind is when Steve Lawler finished a last record at the end, and the moment it went quiet a plane flew over, the place went bonkers, and he then launched into GO - MOBY. Cue more mayhem. Had a look inside for 20 minutes or so but didn't realy like it so we all headed back to the sunset strip and sat outside mambo till 4am.

Monday was a sad day cos I had to fly home - 8 of my mates are still there. I wish I'd booked for longer than 3 nights.

I SHALL RETURN!!!! (Next July).
sounds like a great couple of days :):):)

i was at space last sunday too - tongy was great and moby at the end of night was absolutely legendary!! nice one
Cheers James! You may be able to help out an ignoramus. Who was on after Morales but before Tongy? They had a bloke on sax and a female diva for a short while. Was it Layo & Bushwacka :?:

The rest of the party arrive back in blighty today so I'll see if I can get someone to provide an update. (It's raining btw).