10 boys from Glasgow goin to Ibiza 8th-22nd August!


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Just wondering if theres any groups of ladies goin to Ibiza in August theres about 10 of us lads from Glasgow going from the 8th August-22nd and we will be goin to nights like Cocoon@amnesia,Sundays@Space,Underwater and Subliminal@Pacha this is most of us that are goin's 4th year in a row.We will be staying in San Antonio so if any ladies want to meet up give me a shout. :) ;)
aw guys,how shit is that!we are from glasgow and are going early july!!!would have been great to meet up with some like minded scots!!!where do you all go in glasgow?
Awww what a shame most of us go to the arches and some go to the tunnel the oddtime what about yous?and how many of yous are goin? we are all from clydebank where are yous from? ;)
we usually go to babaza or the arches if we have the cash.we stay in paisley but work in glasgow.hey we should all meet up and have a pre ibiza drinking session!!!
Wee scotty people,

I am heading to Edinburgh for the weekend of 20-22nd june. Can you recomend some good clubs to visit . Don't want any hard house crap, just funky house . Any help appreciated

in Ibiza 3rd -8th july at Jet apts
try babaza,its in royal exchange square.its pretty cool and they do wicked cocktails!