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Right one week to go to Hotel Ereso in Es Canar. Only going for a week not hiring a car. What things should we do. Where should we go at night (will be eating at hotel most nights) for drinks and entertainment. Got some really good advice from Woody but could use some more.

Until last year, Bar 2TT about 50 yards from the Ereso but not sure if it is going to be open this year - I shall be finding out to see if Antonio is back behind the bar but I suspect his family won't be - cheapest booze in Es Cana. Popeyes is a further 100yds along Cala Nova road.
Main corner bar used to be great but tried (but failed in my view) to go up market for food last year. Charlies and Mar Vent will be always there but not a favourite of mine. On the beach, Mar Bella, Es Pins etc were ok but again tried to aim higher with food menus last year. New place on Cala Nova beach but best left until July.
Couple of British pubs around the back streets, not my scene and Murphy's and the bull bar towards the hippy market may reopen after a break.
Still say Santa Eulalia for an evening is a better bet, prom or marina or town - about 8 euros each way in a taxi or use a ferry / road train / bus to get there and return by taxi.
You might find a mini photo tour of Es Cana useful
Anne and Tam.told you tony would help you more on this resort.pity you was not going when i go.,i would have shown you round ibiza.best thing to do.is at dinnertime.say to member of staff head waiter in dinning room in hotel.can we eat lunch now.as we going on a trip tonight.that goes at 6.30pm.that way you can spend all afternoon and night in another resort.lunch time meals do cost more.but they dont mind.i use to do loads years ago.fiesta hotels are good for that reason.you can have your evening meal in another hotel.anyway in same bracket stars.so that way i could spend from 10am till late in say es cana.cala longa/san an
say you looked on thomsons page.if you can get Hotel Ereso Es Canar on the page,you get info in this hotel.click maps.zoom in use satellite.you get a rough idea where you hotel is.good location.just a small walk up hill.from main bay area.you can see the bus station as you walk down the hill on the left.next area passed the funfair bit.useful maps these are.

if you look hard you might see Tony?.he lives there most of the year.like i do in playa den bossa.
I don't have a clue what your preference in entertainment might be,but if you fancy a bit of 'live' music: The duo 'Me & Him' mostly on the rock side of things,but plenty pop etc,a few songs for the kiddies :lol: note perfect renditions of Hendrix,Floyd,Santana etc.
They are quite often in Es Cana,a good place to catch them is at Zodiac.

A few other places have lounge or mor type acts,you will see the notices outside,sometimes there are cool chillout type DJs in the place on the track down to Cala Nova beach (forgot name) just past campsite :)

'Wild card' You could have your portrait done by the crazy German Caricaturist,right there on the little harbour in the evening !!
Thanks all I will take a note of the places to try. I did not know the hotel was up a hill, hope its not to steep. I would have loved to meet you woodruffe if it had been possible, but thanks for all the advice.
Having visited Es Canar on a couple of occasions i agree with what most posters have said however if you decide you want to escape the tourist bars for an hour or two then why not try out a typically friendly Spanish bar just 100m from your hotel? Sorry i can't remember the name (Bar 3 Equinox?) but it's impossosible to miss it as on leaving your hotel if you take an immediate right (street name carrer s'anjub?) & walk until the road come's to a junction then turning left just 5m tucked away on opposite side of the road is a family run Spanish bar ofwhich i found to be one of the cheapest & friendliest in Es Canar outside happy hours. The majority of their clients were locals although it did seem to be a favourate haunt for some of the British (mainly OAP's & family's) tourists.

Just a suggestion
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I know that most percieve Es Cana as a Brits only place, but it really isn't ,some great spanish places around, I recommend Extremadura for menu of the day 8)

A few minutes walk towards punta arabi and you arrive at Toni Y Pilar, Tapas,till it's gone,cruzcampo on tap,dog on foot,quiz on TV.

Oh, so much more 8)

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tony you could do with updating your sites,i see it was last done 2006.some of the staff have changed since then,
I'd love to but our dear friend Mr Gates brought out Vista and my software no longer works.
I need to break down the site into smaller segments and relink it all so I can upload more economically as I can't afford to upload the whole site each time. Unfortunately my little brain struggles with that.
Not wishing for hijacking the original posters topic but hey Tony my wife & i think your Ibiza site is perfect for Ibiza Info even though it's not upto date:D afterall we don't think visitors go just on your web page for knowing who's working in whatever hotel or bar etc... Es canar is very well covered (along with all the Island in general) so you must know the resort like the back of your hand & blindfolded:)


he does know alot on this area.all i was trying to say.was.new staff from a hotel i used to stay in playa den bossa.moved there last year.manager/headchef/and pool guy.be nice to look at more photos when he has undated site.
Thanks for all the replies don't think I should have looked at the weather I was hoping for sunshine. Never mind sure we will have a good time.
Anne & Tam,

I'm sure you'll both have a very good holiday what ever the weather, just go for it:)

Re to Woodruffe

Don't worry i wasn't having a dig at your comment far from it as i was just merely pointing out that Tony's Ibiza webpage holds all the clues for spending a good holiday on the 'Isle Blanca' with-out any updates.
I did not realise the hotel is on a hill. Is it a big hill. Other thing does anyone know if you get a hairdryer in your room.

Starting to panic now.
Don't worry as i would not consider the hill very steep as even my wife's elderly parents managed the stroll up & down with a breeze & they are both in there 80's.
If it's the bar on the right further up from the Punta Arabi holiday village then i think it is closed yes (unless since then a new buyer has been found), as there was a 'For Sale' sign up when i walked past the bar en route to Cala Martina beach bar last July & inside it looked cleared out .
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