1) PARASAILING 2) MOS Merchandise 3) motorcycle rental

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Le Danseur Canadien

Holla everyone ! (James and Johnny, these may be questions best suited for you).

1. I am thinking about Parasailing (looks cool) when in Ibiza, is it too risky there, or are there reputable outfit(s) where I can go and have relative peace of mind...... suggestions....experiences.........

2. Can I buy MOS items in Ibiza ? If so, where ? I have sent MOS emails directly, but I am getting no response..........their t-shirits, etc, look cool on their site....not too "touristy"....if you know what I mean ! ;)

3. Also, can you suggest the best / cheapest place on the Island for me to rent a 250 cc enduro-type motorcylce (I rented one last year, but the bike was in rough shape). Also, cc size is an aproximate size I am looking for.

well, thanks in advance for your help ! (damn, I am demanding with all my questions eh? - I will owe you'ze some drinks ! ) Christian