0845 Numbers


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I am sure these multi national firms train there staff to say the following to ramp up the costs " I am sorry the system is a bit slow at the minute..usually takes a minute or so hold on" whilst looking at a stop watch...which of course is preceded by some lengthy pointless intro that tells us the Pope is Catholic and how to tie our laces...

My phone bill this month was £20 more than usual thanks to E-on, Barclays Bank and others:twisted::twisted::twisted:
One of the things most likely to send me "postal" is the way the directory enquiries operators are blatantly programmed to not give you the answers easily and to ask you ridiculous questions to lengthen the time and cost of your call.

I must admit I have been really rude to them in the past, but it's that feeling that they're blatantly taking you for a mug.

For example,

I'd like the number for Abc taxis in Newcastle please

Can you spell that?

A-b-c taxis, in Newcastle.

Was that A-b-C taxis?


Where did you say they firm is based?


I can't find a listing, please bear with me.

Do you have an address?


I have an A-b-C taxis in newcastle, do you want me to put you through?

Absolutely not you absolute piss taking c unt of the highest order.