1. S

    Ibiza in March for Virgins

    Hey everyone, I'm currently planning on visiting the Island for the very first time in my life. Unfortunately I only have time in march to stay for a longer period. March 3rd to 12th to be exact. I've got the flights and accomodation (Hostal Alicante) in San Antonio ready to be booked but before...
  2. J


    Does anyone have any Contacts for Winter rentals? Me and my girlfriend want to have a nice chilled winter? Thanks in advance Email:
  3. Lady Gunn

    Pacha restaurant menu??

    its my husbands birthday in early March & we are planning a long weekend on the island. I had thought that dinner at Pasha might be suitably special (have not been before).....table duly booked, but when asked if they could let me have a sample menu, I was advised that they are "not allowed" to...