Ibiza in March for Virgins


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Hey everyone,
I'm currently planning on visiting the Island for the very first time in my life. Unfortunately I only have time in march to stay for a longer period. March 3rd to 12th to be exact.
I've got the flights and accomodation (Hostal Alicante) in San Antonio ready to be booked but before I take that step I'd like to get a little advice from experienced Ibiza travellers or residents on what to do during that time of the year (already read a few articles on Ibiza Spotlight, and it didn't sound so bad).
How is the weather - I heard temperatures may rise up to 25°C? How rainy will it be from your experience?
Of course, any other information on activities on the island from hikes to clubbing is welcome!!

Thank you and best regards
Well, forget clubbing (in big clubs) at this time of the year.
Personally I would choose Ibiza rather than SA to stay in March.
For hikes, contact @stivi 😉
I would agree with this- things will be somewhat sleepy on the SA side of the island.

If it were me, I'd be staying Ibiza Town and hiring a car/scooter to buzz around the island, enjoying the quiet(er) roads and beaches. Not as many buses that time of year, so hiring will give you more freedom to explore. Weather is super unpredicatable that time of year as it's season change- you could get glorious 25 degree sun, or it could be rainy 15 degree crap- go prepared for both possibilities!
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ibz is quiet dead clubbing speaking by march
lolas ibz club calle de la virgen is open at end of week from thursday , paraiso calle de la virgen is open some days
Nui ibz and eden ibz have one shot events, if lucky along ur stay
some bars with dj such malanga café, paradise lost roto

Alicante (let me know if there is fridge there, i heard no but it may change) is very close to es rebost de can prat restaurant , say hello from the french pirate t othe owner Catalina, casuela el rebost is not to miss 22€
Es ventall ,same street ,enjoyed by a lot is no go for me since their awfull paella i ate last time...and Es rebost cheaper n better too
Thank you all for your great advice! I found a nice Airbnb in Eivissa which definitely sounds like the better place to be based according to your description of the Island at that time. I could still visit the north on a day trip. @FallenangelGparsons thanks for your recommendations, I'll definitely check them out.
Since I moved my stay to Eivissa now, let me know if there is anything special you'd recommend doing down there.