1. Daniel Stein

    Share a VIP Table

    coming from South Africa, going to be in Ibiza for 4 nights: 27th June till 1st July Anybody want to split a VIP table at either: Ushuaia, Amnesia or Oean with two of us?
  2. Riley D

    One Way ticket to Ibiza: June 7th-??

    Hi, I will be arriving in Ibiza on June 7th. I am a student from the US traveling Europe and I am an Ibiza virgin. Looking for people to party with! I have no set date to leave Ibiza yet... I will be staying in San Antonio June 7th-9th, so far.
  3. A

    In Ibiza 25th -27th may

    hello everyone , Any one out tonight 25th may? Me and my friend are heading into cafe mambo tonight to have a few drinks and see where the night takes us, We are 27 and 29 years old, looking to party and meet new people ! We both from uk- London! Feel free to to join us !! :) A X
  4. McRackin

    daytime parties 2016

    Amante opening 2015 | James Chapman :arrow: daytime parties 2015
  5. Eli A

    Looking for Ibiza party buddies from June 13-19

    Hey guys, I'm a 24yo heterosexual Australian uni student going to Ibiza for the first time. My mates have pulled out of coming on a trip so was looking for someone/a group of people who want to party/see ibiza together. Keen to see the Carl Cox opening party on the 14th june and spend at least...
  6. C

    Tonight! 13/05

    Here for a couple nights, one being my birthday. Regular to the island just be cool to go for a few drinks with some people? Drop me a message! Cam, 21, British.
  7. ValNaro

    Ibiza June 24-28

    Hey! Glad to be part of this community My wife and I are from Miami and stopping by Ibiza for 4 days as part of our "Eurotrip" Would love to meet some cool people to party with and see what Ibiza nightlife has to offer! Let us know if any of you are going to be on the island during 6/24-6/28!
  8. M

    Sales Promoter job at Oceanbeat: Free entrance to clubs and accommodation

    *** NEW SUMMER JOB FOR IBIZA 2016*** OCEANBEAT is looking for highly motivated sales promoters from May-October in Ibiza 2016! Ready for a memorable experience in your life? OCEANBEAT IBIZA offers all-inclusive packages for a competitive price to the tourist market! We offer the...
  9. T

    Event Work

    Hi everyone, Hoping you can help, I'm looking to switch careers into Events (mainly the event planning/ coordinating side) and wondering if anyone could recommend event companies/ venues in Ibiza I could contact as a starting point? I'm looking to travel the world and work on events, so if...