1. D

    29th - 31st May.....Who is Going?

    Hi I am traveling solo to Ibiza on 29th to 31st May. I already book F*** Me I’m Famous on 31st May night. And looking for some fun in those days. Anybody wants to join me?
  2. little_minx

    [OPENING] - 20 may > 25 mai

    Hi guyz & girls :rolleyes: What will be the opening parties for the week of May 20-25 ? Destino i think is dead.... Ushuaia also......Ahhhhhhhhh nooo ANTS may 26 :( No Beach club ...Noooooooooooooooooooo ! Perhaps.... Party @amnesia OR Blue Marlin ? Circoloco is OK :) Opening may 21 :) Thx...
  3. StephaneIbiza

    8th may for 5 day, 3 guys in Ibiza

    Coucou We are 3 guys from Paris (France) few days in Eivissa, in a beautiful appartment. Any volonteers to make a great party ?! :) See you quickly !
  4. C

    Tonight! 13/05

    Here for a couple nights, one being my birthday. Regular to the island just be cool to go for a few drinks with some people? Drop me a message! Cam, 21, British.
  5. Bina

    Me & my Chihuahua on the island in May

    Hello all :) I'm going to visit Ibiza for the first time from 24th May- 31th May 2016. I'll stay with my chihuahua puppy at a nice apartment near Ibiza town. If there is someone on the island during the same period of time who would like to go for some hiking, yoga lessons or who enjoys cooking...
  6. flegg

    1st Time solo & in Ibiza, Advice Needed!

    Hello all gurus of Ibiza! I wonder if any of you can help! I'm thinking of going to Ibiza for a few days (2nd to 7th May) it will be my first trip/holiday on my own as all my mates are either settled down or tied up with work. Because of this I haven't had a holiday for a good number of years...