1. camjam

    Who Is Lord Sydney Ling?

    Hey! I’ve heard of a supposedly amazing filmmaker and Ibiza legend called Lord Sydney Ling. Allegedly he’s a big art figure in Ibiza and even directed a film at the age of 13. But I can’t find much more information about him beyond heresay. Does anyone here have any info or personal stories...
  2. William2021

    Ibiza - Works of Arts

    One of the attactions in Ibiza are the incredible works of art that can be found around the island. Here are photos I took earlier this month in San An. There is a lot of serious talent in Ibiza. Full praise to all of them. Spray paintings every night in San An. Incredible...
  3. P

    Ibiza Club Art Print

    Hello all My name is Peter, I'm an artist based in London. I'm sharing a link below to a new print I've released of a collage made using vintage Ibiza club posters, stickers and ephemera. All the materials used are from 2002-2016. I can supply a full list of clubs/DJs if anyone is interested...