1. B

    Melodic Deep Invites - Amsterdam [free entry] 19 Oct

    The largest Dance conference in the world is coming up again and this means it's time to party and connect! On Friday 19th of October we are hosting another event at De Ebeling in the center of Amsterdam. This is our first official Melodic Deep Invites, and for this edition we invite our friends...
  2. TheGreatRabbit

    Luminosity - Amsterdam

    It was a tough choice to make, but I've decided to substitute a week in Amsterdam with four days of trance on the beach at Luminosity, instead of getting back to Ibiza. It will be my first time at Lumi, but the lineup looks stacked for a trance head like me. Still, I'm sure the weather and...
  3. TheGreatRabbit

    Electronic Family - Amsterdam - 23rd July

    Curious if anyone is continuing on to Amsterdam for Electronic Family on 23rd July? This is going to be my third summer making a trip over from the U.S., pairing up some time in Ibiza with a Saturday out for sunshine, friends and trance.