1. AndyW95

    3rd -10th June 2018

    So my friends who said they wanted to go away have bailed on me, so I’m going alone. Looking to book up between 4th-14th for a week in San Antonio. Who else will be out there and is looking to meet up? Up for pubs and clubs, plus pacha again and others.. (Been to SA before but first time...
  2. Gregor

    IBIZA from 30.05. - 04.06

    Hi, I go solo to IBIZA from 30.05 till 04.06 for doing some party and relaxing. Im open minded and want to meet new people. Maybe we can hangout together and have a good Time ;) Looking forward to hear from someone. Gregor
  3. Jay87

    Alone in Ibiza June 10th -17th

    Staying in the bay anyone want to hook up I'm a easy going guy Looking to explore the island and party ✌
  4. Jay87

    Alone in Ibiza

    Traveling to Ibiza from the 10th to the 17th June alone staying in San Antonio bay anyone too meet up to party I've been Ibiza a few times know my way around! ✌
  5. Letizia

    14th - 21st of June solo travel!!

    Hey guys, I'm traveling to Ibiza by myself from the 14th to the 21st of June and would like to know if someone was there at that time so I could join them? :)
  6. S

    Just arrived 7th June, on my own. Any party animals?

    Came to ibiza alone..... Mates ate boring, willing to meet anyone!!! Message or call me 07341334502
  7. Eli A

    Looking for Ibiza party buddies from June 13-19

    Hey guys, I'm a 24yo heterosexual Australian uni student going to Ibiza for the first time. My mates have pulled out of coming on a trip so was looking for someone/a group of people who want to party/see ibiza together. Keen to see the Carl Cox opening party on the 14th june and spend at least...
  8. Craig Kemp

    Travelling alone to Ibiza? Tips?

    Hey everyone, A couple years ago I travelled to Ibiza with my ex partner and fell in love with the island. Because life happens I'm now travelling there alone but really looking forward to it. What tips does everyone have? What are your cheapest options for accommodation? I don't go to Ibiza to...