Travelling alone to Ibiza? Tips?

Craig Kemp

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Hey everyone,

A couple years ago I travelled to Ibiza with my ex partner and fell in love with the island. Because life happens I'm now travelling there alone but really looking forward to it. What tips does everyone have? What are your cheapest options for accommodation?
I don't go to Ibiza to party, I love the country but also access to old town and other resorts in the area, nice beaches, hippie markets, quirky shops and nice bars. I'm not looking for an expensive trip but don't want to miss any cheaper options because I settled for somewhere higher priced. I like peace and quiet when I sleep so probably not a load of party goers in one space. Also, does anyone else have the trouble where they can only afford the accommodation next month for example but fear they will lose the places they had their eye on?

Thanks in advance!!


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San An is cheapest. Any hotel with the word "Hostal" in the name, which is actually just a small hotel with less facilities.


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