1. M

    Some last minute questions before I finish packing

    Printing all my tickets now and reading all the rules and restrictions and a couple thing stood out as well as few questions came up: On the ushuaia ticket it says no flip-flops, swimwear or sports jerseys - Isn't ushuaia a pool party technically or no? Girls cant wear bikinis, swimsuits, and...
  2. ziddyzid

    Trip Advice

    Will be visiting the island for the first time with two girlfriends from 25/9/18 to 28/9/18. We know its a short time so what do you think would be the best parties/events to go to during that time? Are there any promoters or reps on here we should be looking for? Any help at all would be...
  3. D

    Ibiza Mixed-Age Stag Do, Sunday 4th June

    Hi all, I'm going to be in Ibiza as part of a wedding party from 3rd-10th June. We're all staying in a villa complex in the centre of the island (near San Rafael) and the big day is Thursday 8th June. The plan is for the stag do on Sunday 4th and hen on Tues 6th. Anyway, was looking for some...
  4. hannahlmoore

    Ibiza 2017 Top Tips

    Hi all, Apologies if this is the kind of thing that's been posted a million times, I'm new so forgive me ;) I'm going to Ibiza this summer for the first time since I did a season a whole TEN YEARS ago! We are staying in a villa about 4km away from Ibiza town, so it will be a much more...
  5. Sophie_Sunshine

    Looking for a new adventure for 2017

    I am a 25 year old female from Scotland and I am graduating in April. I have been to Ibiza loads but want to work in Es Cana rather than the bay. Has anyone worked in Es Cana and if so give me some advice. I have been loads just wanna speak to some people who have already been and done it...