1. W_I_C

    Waaaaay Overdue Time Warp DE 2017 Review

    Apologies for the delay on this!!! Reason for delay was I had to wait until my official review was published by DT. Available to read here. (If you don't want spoilers - please stay with us here) ;) Several weeks (and many edits!) later, I'm finally good to go. Because I don't have all the...
  2. Steffi Aysan

    12-17th July. Who's going?!!

    Hey guys, me and my friend Jodie have just booked our trip to Playa den Bossa for 12-17th July. Anybody else going on these dates?! It's just the two of us so we'd like to meet some other fun souls there and party!! See you there
  3. Márton Pruck

    Lovely Island Ibiza is LOOKING FOR WORKERS!!!!!

    Are you ready to come to work on the magical island of Ibiza? Needless to say we are counting the days until the start of this very promising 2017 season, that will be full of surprises and adventures! We are looking for motivated and dynamic young people to sell our party packages in Ibiza...
  4. little_minx

    Elrow @ AMNESIA 2017

    SOURCE : https://www.facebook.com/ElrowSunday