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    I've heard that Space Ibiza is preparing a new party that will be called Clandestin and it's gonna be on Friday, do you know if it will be an external developer or the same Space Ibiza?
    Thank you!!
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    Did you hear it on here a few days ago...i did. :rolleyes:
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    musica de buena buena
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    Parece que space se va a salir de la tendencia comercial que invade la isla.

    Una gran noticia que no todo se centre en la imagen, en las abdominales marcadas, y en las tetas de plástico.

    Hay que felicitar a space por pensar únicamente en la música.

    Un nuevo acierto de space
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    Today en Clandestin...

    Passed the midpoint of the month July, Clandestin deepens as a reference of quality music and as one of the most surprising Ibiza party. Our commitment to the underground style is not simply a pose, it's not a preconceived marketing product, Clandestin is a breath of fresh air without cheating As every Friday of the summer, Space Ibiza will be our refuge, from 10 pm its doors remain open all night for lovers of good music, and those who only wish to enjoy a party in the best Club in the world.
    The host of the evening in the Sunset Terrace will be HITCH, our first resident show us because the big DJs remain attentive to his productions. Methodical and perfectionist, to HITCH the sound is malleable, and this is exactly what his dedicated hands make during a session, to play with the sounds and rhythms that escape from the speakers. Paul Reynolds will continue with music in the Sunset Terrace, a DJ that perfectly represents the concerns of Clandestin. Terrace cordoned off with black and yellow Clandestin seal will begin with the music of Kraak & Smaak, this Dutch trio is a factory to make big issues, and they will make us a review of his latest album Waves Chrome. The following DJ to appear by the Space Terrace cabin will be Tommie Sunshine, with his eclectic interpretation of electronic sounds, and a very personal set that will delight the lucky attendees to Clandestin. To close the night, who's better than our exclusive resident, Felix Da Housecat. Who has attended any of the sessions of Felix in Clandestin knows what I mean, because his closing sessions have been perfect lectures as how end of a party. If you are in Ibiza, an essential appointment which you can't renounce this Friday July 19th, at Space Ibiza, Clandestin invites you to live together a musical experience that will make a difference.
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    This Friday July 26th Clandestin has the honour of presenting to a DJ so multifaceted that single date will show us two sides of his work, his facet DJ set and a Live to get the creeps: RITON After finishing at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Riton started the Switch Recordings label, upon which he released his first two 12" singles. Riton began DJing at Newcastle's "Shindig" nightclub, where he was discovered by Mark Rae, signing with Grand Central Records, independent record label. Following the steps of Rae, Riton worked in Manchester's Fat City Records label. His first release on Grand Central, "Communicated", featured on the compilation Central Heating 2 and was followed by his mostly instrumental debut album, Beats du Jour, in 2001. Riton's second album, Homies And Homos (2004) was a much more vocal affair, and featured amongst others, Lee Jones of Howdi and Luca Santucci. It includes a cover version of The Cure's "Killing an Arab". In 2005, Riton and Ben Fat Trucker formed the Gucci Sound System. The pair have a monthly residency at the 333 Club in London and have their own nightclub named Druzzi's Baltimore Rave Club in east London. The guest Djs include names such as Headman, Erol Alkan, 2 Many DJs, The Rapture, Richard X, Mylo and FC Kahuna. Since the demise of Grand Central Records in 2006, Riton has released 12 singles on several European labels, including Linxfarren in the UK. In late 2006, it was announced in Belgian magazine HUMO that David and Stephen Dewaele from Soulwax had formed a krautrock band with Riton called Die Verboten. An album was expected late 2007, but to date there has been no further information on the project. Instead, Riton released an album under the pseudonym Eine Kleine Nacht Musik on the label Modular Records in July 2008. He launched together with DJ Mehdi in 2010 a project which was called "Carte Blanche". Riton will release new music in November 2011 ('Dark Place' and 'A.C.P) and is also working on music for his album, collaborating with artists and producers such as Surkin and AlunaGeorge. Due for release in summer 2012. Don't miss this Friday 26th Clandestin, a unique opportunity to enjoy a Dj in capital letters, from 10 pm on Space Ibiza.
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    Is your name Felix Da Housecat? No, is Felix Da Mutha ****in Housecat.
    Where were you born?

    I was actually born in Detroit.
    Do you remember the first time you were put in front of a mixer?

    The first time, the very first time was in Essex, in England.
    Which dates will you play at Clandestin?

    All the dates, from the beginning to the end.
    Which is the most clandestine place you have played?

    Raves, skating rings in chicago, back in the late 90's.
    The most clandestine place you have partied?

    All over the world from Barcelona to Berlin, chicago, New York, pretty much everywhere, a movement.
    Have the police ever ripped into a club you were playing at?

    Loads of times, all the time, loads of times.
    If we put a mixer in your cell, what music would you play?

    I probably put on my hight heels and listen to some Prince.
    Tell us a quotable sin.

    I'm not a sinner im actually a good boy.
    What track would you play for a prison break?

    Paranoid Android, Radiohead.
    And for a police car chase?

    Giorgio Muroder, Chase.
    Which DJ do you think should be behind bars?

    Any DJ that wants to play that cheesy commercial bull**** crappy ass music.
    What does Clandestin means for you?

    It's a movement, underground, dirty nasty grime nobody gives a **** who you are, it's a movement we love it.
    When you were a child and played cops and robbers, wich side did you choose?

    I was a good guy like you, a cop.
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    anyone been to this - busy?
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    yes, this is the best place to dance...... cool music :)
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    cartelazo de hoy, no me lo pierdo, San Soda y Monkey Safary juntossss

    gracias Space
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    Line up:


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