Weekend Plans


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I saw this and don’t really get the fuss. I’ve seen DJs so out of it, they couldn’t even attempt a decent mix, so having the football on in the background doesn’t seem a big issue to me. People like to moan about anything these days. Still wouldn’t have put it on SM though!

They seem to have caught up on this, as it's gone :lol:
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Will be heading into deepest north Bedfordshire on Sunday to catch a bit of Keinemusik all day b2b although driving and just supporting our mate who is working with the promoters … on Saturday the venue hosts Dixon b2b Ame too but no available dog care will make it a flying (160 mile round trip) only on the Sunday for us … tickets still available if anyone in that neck of the woods (MK44 postcode)


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At 10pm last night I went up to our local hill (557m) to support a lad who was walking up and down for 48hrs for charity, by that time he'd done 36hrs with 5minutes sleep 😲 he manage to go over 45 laps which was the equivalent of Mt Everest ascent/descent 💪💪💪💪
Pendle Hill? Quality effort that! 🙌


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Working in Lake District for a couple of days has its advantages


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I will be spending Friday desperately trying to score tickets for this



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last week of summer heat this week before predicted biblical rainstorms flood the streets and metro (cue annual headlines in El Periodico about dead rats found on beach)

resume my eye therapy tonight to realign my vision. driving in IBZ was hard work. a real strain but was ok in the end. Weirdly, easier at night.