Time Warp ES

I did several timewarp away from their home (Amsterdam, Milan) but the real one is in Mannheim and I'm not saying that the others are not good but it is very inferior to the original one and what's more, they celebrate their 30th anniversary in April next year🔥
Same with circo loco best one is in DC10 and the other countries/cities good but not as good
sorry, but for circoloco I think it's the exception to the rule for my part, very disappointing for several years already while elsewhere, at sonar or in Antwerp (and surely other places) the parties are really good, dc10 in season, only young people who are there because they have to be there but they don't know why 😅 for the rest yes, sonar, awakening, I love techno, tomorrowland ect... they are really good, each with their style but the magic works for sure in their own territories and not elsewhere else !
Well , my personal view
Btw , i m sure circoloco nyd will be amazing 🥳