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Was attempting to purchase early-bird Glitterbox ticket for wifey, a big Joey Negro and Kenny Dope fangirl. I am getting her a ticket, but likely wont go myself.

I do not see an option for including her name, just the card holder (me). We don't even have the same surnames, and the site states that the name on tix must match the ID presented at the club.

Any way to do this, or just tell her she has "to buy her own damn ticket"?


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not a problem we can change the names after purchase. email tickets at ibiza-spotlight dot com with the order number after purchase and we‘ll amend


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They never check at Doors,as long barcode is working

Last year a female spotlight not willing to go to mosaic pacha as tired :D & solo, with Moodyman & having a pre paid tix, i convinced her to go instead of dropping her back to San an, but she told me later she only stay one hour :D , if i knew it i should take her tix , go to support Moodyman then buy her, good paella Lunch/dinner to balance the deal...if i had met my "Mosaic"'s contact along opening (instead of Closing), for sure i'll go to support moodyman :p
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They never check at Doors,as long barcode is working
- none of the clubs have confirmed that - in fact ID checking is probably more common than ever before because of the growth of ticket fraud. you may just have to scan the barcode, but you will probably be asked for ID - so play it safe and we can easily change the name.