Subdivisions Global Radio Show #072 featuring Walker Barnard


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Subdivisions Global Radio Show #072 featuring Walker Barnard


Howdy Technohouse Citizens! We are excited to present Subdivisions Global Radio Show #072 featuring Walker Barnard from Pull Proxy, Adjunct Audio, Thema Records -Berlin, Germany. Features tracks in Hour one from Malte Seddig, YOSA, Evren Ulusoy, Kid Culture, Patrick Kunkel & 212fahrenheit, Carlo Gambino & Al Bradley, Sebastian Ese, Marbert Rocel, Guido Nemola, Sean Danke, Forrest, Andrea Fissore and many, many more!

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A bit about Walker Barnard:


Walker Barnard grew up on an ashram outside the American mainstream, listening to Balinese monkey chants, classical Indian music and The Beatles White Album. His first experience of the funk came early on when his father, who was making music videos for Motown, brought him to hang on the set of the shoot for Rick James‘s Super Freak video.

In the early nineties, Walker started playing bass in a funk-rock band called Mobius Trip. The band recorded in Los Angeles with the Dust Brothers of Paul's Boutique fame and then with Beastie Boys keyboardist Mark Ni****a. Walker threw down on a range of projects—Including a Lemmy remix, and Vince Neil‘s solo record. From there Walker‘s journeys led him to Santa Fe, New Mexico where he continued to hone his bass playing and recording chops. It was there that Walker had his warehouse party dance floor awakening— and at that moment he began to transpose his live music experience onto the grids of house and techno.

Not long after the awakening, while living in a teepee outside Santa Fe, Walker got a call from a friend in NYC who was looking for a producer/engineer to come work at a downtown hip hop studio. He thought that sounded pretty good, so with fifty dollars in his pocket, he boarded a plane bound for New York. Walker spent the next two years at the epicenter of underground hip hop, working with a long list of artists such as Company Flow, Saul Williams, Mike Ladd, Rob Sonic, Mos Def, Cannibal Ox and countless others.

During this time, Walker also worked closely with producer and engineer Mike „Tweakin“ Rogers, who engineered Deee-Lite‘s first record, as well as countless classic Chicago and New York house releases. He collaborated on a string of releases with Jaymz Nylon for labels such as Nitegrooves and Dirty Loop/3 to 5, and produced a track for Saul Williams‘ Big Dada release, „1972.“ And when he wasn‘t in the studio, he was playing bass and live electronics in lofts parties, warehouses, bars and clubs all over the New York and the East Coast.

However, by 2000 Walker began seriously longing for the open skies and high mountains of New Mexico and so moved back to Santa Fe, where he began the serious study of recording and mixing music. In 2003 he designed and opened his own studio to facilitate the production philosophy he had developed through his previous decade of experience and during the next five years he produced and engineered numerous records, including the 2006 Grammy winning album „Sacred Ground“.

Walker's studio also became the home base for the small but incredibly fertile dance music scene in Santa Fe. Along with his partner, Sylvie Forêt and a family of like-minded musicos, Walker threw epic open air parties in exotic locations, inviting artists such as Bruno Pronsato, Bodycode aka Portable, Lee Curtiss, and Mikael Stavöstrand.

In 2008, Walker finally made the move to Berlin and began to make a name for himself in Europe— his lives sets and releases soon won him a reputation as a true mastermind of the dancefloor. Nowadays his gigs happen at places like Watergate, Pratersauna, Cookies, Kater Holzig, Wilde Renate and Burning Man. Look for his tunes on labels like Private Gold, Serialism, Dumb Unit, and Jack Off.


Full Two Hour Subdivisions Global Radio Show #072 featuring Walker Barnard (right click to download)

Merlyn Martin Hour (One)

Track Listing:
1. Malte Seddig - Cut You Off - Clap Your Hands
2. YOSA - The Circus (Dirt Crew Remix) - Dirt Crew Recordings
3. Evren Ulusoy - Who Is Deep - Nick Devon Remix - Ak Tek Records
4. Kid Culture - Where I Am Going Feat. Rene Engal (Original MIX) - Sincopat
5. Patrick Kunkel & 212fahrenheit - Things Behind The Sun (Kling Klong)
6. Carlo Gambino & Al Bradley - Automatick (Nick Devon Robomatic Remix) - 3am Recordings
7. Sebastian Ese - Oiga Usted Se - Menomale
8. Marbert Rocel - Marbert Rocel - Small Hours (Jacob Korn Remix) - Compost Black
9. Guido Nemola - Sun Samba (Robot Needs Oil Remix) - Joyfull Family Records
10. Sean Danke - Breath (Nick Devon Remix) - Something Different Records
11. Forrest - Masquerade - Play It Down
12. Andrea Fissore - Let It Go Feat Lino Gamba (Dario Sorano Remix) - Menomale

Walker Barnard (Hour Two)
Track Listing not Available at this time

Track of the Week as mentioned and heard at end of broadcast:
*We Love - End of Night - Bpitch Control