Paris parties recommanded by FGP


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Heavy weekend, even though i can last 18days partying in a row in ibz :D i can't do 4 days in a row in Paris :lol:
Ibz vibes gave me a lot of strenght :p

It will be 2 parties Louie Vega & Joe claussell, other djs are very good too but i need to rest/hangover :spank:

Average parisian people will go to see solomun+1 , Maceo Plex or Set Troxler :rolleyes:
Looks like not a lot of people love house here too :( & follow trends/hype

Afro house & a drummer :cool:

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i as supposed not to go out in Paris saving stamina for ibz 18 but when people keep on textin u, hey its been a long time...
i didnt attend kerri set circoloco may 28th as i was very tired around 2h00am :D but 3hours session this sat, my LaAAAST PARTY in Paris!!!!!!!!!!!

we got Kenny too



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as ive wrote here no more parties in Paris

seeing that E Morillo in Paris last night, how about making exception?to show support to him?
i should not ,as we have been turned back :eek:, even having pre paid tix but they dont told us about the refund procedure :rolleyes:
its robbery :mad:
by 10mn if we were in front of queu we were invited by friend on vip
this new posh club Keys Paris welcome ibz djs but the pirate among the most parisian ibz lovers is not welcome there :D as not enough vip?
some people complain about vip in ibiza, if u face vip in Paris its worse even for shitty places :lol:
many djs toured in some few posh places in paris but they dont get all the behind the scenes from those places
Black Coffee, art departments, Behrouz, Guy Gerber, Erick Morillo....they take the €

we ended seeing Nick Curly , at least i had my insta pic with him :spank:

we have Laurent garnier in 2h30hours ,6pm 4 hours session, i nearly slept 2 hours, but i can't make it, im weak as shit :cry: i need ibz magic vibes to overcome the no sleeping/few hours sleep :lol:
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Get some wild ginger into you..
not enough, Paris suckx and it will be nice to see Laurent Garnier in ibiza
i need ibz vibes to x 100 my will to party, its cold here at 3pm , all u want it to chilled out , today is the no car day in Paris too, so it doesnt help :lol:
Life is not all about party, a nice bbq will save my day :spank:


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Will break my promise of noparties in Paris because no parties in ibz this year ?
A way to test my new Acs earplug 25 Db ? as i cant wait 1-3 years to use them in ibiza ?
Cercle festival oct 10 ,perfect for the week just after my ibz trip,see u there!!!