Paris parties recommanded by FGP


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when back from opening there is the posh party Bal des princess, it was bad last time (Vampire 's bal) with dj that play cheezy music or weird Techno, this time an ibz lover dj is back on the deck :cool:
if i go to this party i will look like more a zombie (Ibz opening 17 side effect :D) than a prince :lol:



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Best spotlight mate (he follows me to all my events, as he knows I KNOW :p) was in Paris for 2 days

We went to See Andrea ,friday night
Fine Tech House but House Music is far better :D, i can even say i get bored for some time :rolleyes:
Sat we went to see Cerrone, place was rammy like hell in outdoor place
Music was great, the dj b4 ceronne play nice Disco House with french touch, lot of french female speeches
Ceronne just play 1h20 it was 2hours last time..
Solomun will come net week i cant imagine how it will ne rammy

:arrow:im getting pissed from
People pulling ur hat in order to take it, its tied muthaF.....:D
Drunken guy that push/fell on u, burn ur cigarette on u ..

The great new is he may be back to ibz aug following my schedule :cool:, add it other spotlight vet as last aug
The team is back!!
i may include 2 people for our rides for some days.

:arrow:I Dont like the pick up, mate were sleeping when he was supposed to be ready for the party :lol:

Only a fews hours partying & im beaten(2hours sleep sat) :spank:, i cant imagine how i will deal in ibz :lol:
Maybe Ibz feeling will give me the strenght to manage all these parties? :D


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i saw some really drunked guy at Cerrone party on sat :D
a lot of people ask to take a pic with me :cool:,i will refuse all requests from guys in ibz :spank:

some guy gave me some MJ for free (Wont say No to free drugs in Ibz, in order to give them to mates :p) at a streetfood open 24ha day, just spot this adress & saeve it, not recommanded place for girls TBT, all these blocks will stare at you :lol:

i saw a video from dj booth, from a dj contact that wil be at dc10opening , it was nice with Carl Craig just beginning his set..
i'm sure this bloke has music/Dc10 on guestlist, but as not a close contact its obvious he can add me on his gurstlist ,unless ill meet him dc10 opening i wil lask :p


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any people in Paris?

looks like im going outof my cave for these events

Danny T sept 24 10pm at concrete on sunday night :eek: , i will have a good breakfast at office to recover monday morning :spank:


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was supposed to recover after beeing back home oct 11
Recovering is only or pussy :D, 2 night 6 hours in a bed is enough for my recovery :cool:
but i have to support some parisian friendfor tecno party


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u got a big name & u got friends that play House classics music, i'll follow my heart, Friends in da house (free entry) :cool:, sorry Kerri (didnt like his set Dc10 closing)

just bought my 10€ ticket for this , last time kolsh a dj i dont really like, at eiffel tower that made the buzz, music to listen in ur bedroom why not, in a club? :D

& for Halooween a party with hot babes :spank: cheesy music (hope they ll change lineup than the 2016 one) or Kenny Dope/Phil Weeks with students crowd? :D



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a lot of fuzz for Cercle event : kolsh at eiffel tower :rolleyes: all around the world but this monday , not a lot for Cercle with Cassius, its all about HOUSE!
French do it better :D Don't be a sheep :lol:
Catch me if u can :p

Is that video like one of those Boilerrooms where they put cheesy music over a 'serious' DJ set? Some of the tunes are awful ? Are you sure the French do it better? And that annoying siren all the time.

You can keep it o_O


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Music is fine for me.
what tracks u call cheezy?
Dj Sneak played that track at float the boat party aug 10 2017 :cool: i can t get the chorus out of my head :D
Im so freak, im so flat, , im so fabulous, so Dangerous :lol:

For Halloween, a parisian dj that play House, i met in ibz in on the lineup by feuckin coincidence, last year really suckx and was telling to myself not to go anymore unless having friends on lineup(ex spring one was good with 3 friends on lineup)

Nothing can beat 50's music , u r a cat or not :cool:
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so i've experienced Pirate's good side effet again in posh & ungerdround party in Paris

Backstage Pavillon royal champs élysées as the dj (Bagatelle ibiza resident) is a good contact & free ticket drinks :cool:

At concrete, physionomist is famous guy from Paris nightlife, last time we met was cocoon closing 17 at the end of party 7h00 am when everybody left, making a joke such as can i have a selfie with you mister?
yes (i didnt recognise him :oops: minds is really shitty after all these nightly parties in ibz :lol: but not from boose & drugs effects :D & we laugh when i spot who he was.)
Free entrance door at concrete, & free water too as staff guy around dj booth recognised me & because of pirate swag gave me a water bottle :cool:..
At the end of the party 9h25 am i was laughing from the inside, when seeing people struggle to stay o n the dancefloor, only 50 people, even with drugs :lol: , if they experience ibiza they gonna die :rolleyes:

Catch me if u can :p
there too

I need some fresh blood

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